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Title:World Indigenous Day 2019 - Day 4 (Part 3): Birth is Joyful | Gond Tribes | Dance

Warm wishes for World Indigenous Day 2019

I am often asked that why do you think it is important to document and archive indigenous societies & cultures. I do find the question both amusing and disturbing. When you look at a house, that has been there since time immemorial, don't you wonder about its foundation? Don't you think from where did the first set of bricks that were laid came from? Our human society has developed somewhat in the similar manner, brick by brick and layer by layer adding on different colours or shades of biosocial realities with each metamorphosis. It is the early foundations of evolution that still exists in these tribes. Though as time has progressed acculturation has been the biggest nemesis of indigenous identity, yet still after another decade or maybe more, it is these bricks laid down by the ancestors that will speak to us through oral, written and drawn culture, about how life progressed when humanity decided to spread out.

So, to understand the home that I live in, the social and natural environment that surrounds me, I think it is imperative to document and archive indigenous cultures. This world is a gift to me from our early ancestors.

About Video: Gond tribes are celebrating the birth and naming ceremony of baby Laya (girl) Mishti. One can also see a Yaya (mother) going in trance.

Observation: Irrespective of the religious beliefs, participants in a religious ritual or ceremony, will go into a state of trance wherein the body performs different motor actions as there is variation in the given three musical variables (pitch, tone, dynamics). The strict symphony of the music is directly proportional to the motor action of participants, but not necessarily in similar degree.


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