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Title:Super Punch Out beaten without dodging, ducking, or blocking!!!

This is the first time that this game has ever been completely beaten in real time without a single dodge, duck, or block by the player! This run adheres to the following restrictions: -The player cannot dodge at any time. -The player cannot duck at any time. -The player must actively avoid blocking any and all attacks (the healing stance between phases are not blocks) -Not necessary, but I also avoided getting shoved by Hoy's cane. This run was done on an original Super Nintendo with an original cartridge of Super Punch-Out, and was recorded over an S-Video cable connection. I also did this run live on my Twitch stream! Here are some links to when I pulled this off! The run itself - www.twitch.tv/videos/409784373 Attempts leading up to it - www.twitch.tv/videos/414979066 So anyways, I've been meaning to do the dodgeless challenge on this one for a while, but I never got around to stringing it together. I confirmed all of the fights were possible a while ago, but I figured the best way to show this challenge run off would be to do the entire game in one sitting instead of on a fight by fight basis. So most of this run is pretty similar to the speedrun, but I cannot use any dodge buffers, so I either made up new buffers, or I would hit dizzy knockdowns manually. This definitely adds some extra challenge in completing this run, both execution wise and route wise. There are a few fights that I'd like to talk about in particular, as they change quite dramatically from their speedrun counterparts! Bear Hugger - This fight seems impossible until you realize that you can punch Bear in the stomach whenever he points at it. This effectively enables you to beat the fight with relative ease once you get the timing down. Dragon Chan - This fight cannot use the duck for the delayed hit at the end of phase 1, which is a pretty minor difference, but phase 2 is where it gets interesting. You pretty much have to hope he doesn't do kicks, as he can drain your health down to almost nothing since dodging is banned. You can still win the fight off of that, but it makes it a lot easier if he doesn't kick. Mr Sandman - This is probably the most significantly different strategy vs how the speedrun handles this fight. Phases 1 and 2 are the same, but phase 3 is where it gets rough since you cannot dodge the triple uppercut pattern. I effectively have to tank 2 knockdowns while trying to deal as much damage as I can at every possible opportunity, and it works out to just barely being possible (the next attack after the last hit was going to be 3 more deadly uppercuts). Hoy Quarlow - This fight can be really easy to lose a run on, but as long as you don't go for random unguarded punches, this phase 1 is 100% consistent, which is really useful for beginners! Rick Bruiser - So this one is mainly tricky due to the fact that every punch that sneaks by his guard makes him immediately counter attack you (which you can't dodge in this run). It also doesn't help that it's extremely easy to accidentally block an attack of his on reaction. I made it a point to get hit by an attack at a point where I know he would go into that pattern that he opens the fight with, since that lets me deal tons of damage to him. Another thing to mention is that, despite the "NO-DODGE" filename, this is not a hidden easter egg for completing this challenge or anything. I just named the file NO-DODGE because it seemed fitting for what this run is trying to pull off. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this challenge run!


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