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Title:Elise and Eryka Part 7 - The Tunnel S2 - A Lesbian Interest Love Story [Eng, Esp, Port Subtitles]

Lesbian interest storyline featuring the love story between Elise and Eryka, a TV couple from a UK TV show called The Tunnel S2. In these dramatic scenes Eryka visits Elise in the middle of the night asking to spend one more night with her. Elise wants to tell her boss Olivier about her relationship with Eryka but Karl warns her against that. Karl and Elise track down the location of the Chemist but failure to call for back up in time leads to them being caught by Koba's men. Koba instructs the Chemist to prepare Karl and Elise as toxic bobby traps infecting them with a virulent virus to avenge his father's death. Koba tells Eryka his plan and Eryka quickly exits to the bathroom to make a call to her superiors. Watch the nailbiting and intense cliffhanger finish for this couple

Starring Clémence Poésy as Elise and Laura de Boer as Eryka

Subtitles are available in English, Portuguese and Spanish as captions in addition to the embedded subtitles where French is spoken.

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Timecodes for Elise and Eryka Part 7
0:00 Eryka visits Elise at her flat in the middle of the night

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