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Title:Man Made Virus, Intention behind it, Modern Wars & More ft. Rajiv Malhotra | The Ranveer Show 134

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Today on the show, we have with us one of the best conversationalists Mr. Rajiv Malhotra. He is a renowned computer scientist, who has spent the last 50 years in the U.S.A., studying & researching topics like AI, Computers, Geo-Politics, & Ancient Indian Scriptures.

He is also an Indian-American activist, author, and speaker who raises voices on issues for the nation. He has helped a significant part of India's population be aware of the conversations within Geopolitics.

We speak about some of the most fascinating topics that I always wanted to bring to the show. From topics like Artificial Intelligence, Indian politics, Geopolitics, & Future Technologies, this one is an extremely intense conversation. Many more episodes to come with this man.

How can BIG DATA be the ULTIMATE Power for War? Was the Coronavirus a man-made attempt for power? Will the "AI Shift" replicate the "Industrial Revolution Shift"? What does the World Future look like? All this and more in this very special episode of The Ranveer Show. Hope you like it :)

#geopolitics #india

0:00 - Introduction
2:15 - Rajiv's life mission
5:35 - Rajiv's view on death
8:38 - The Geo-Political view
21:51 - "Big Data" & The Future
29:56 - Concept of Brain Drain
36:48 - India & its neighbours
42:40 - Covid - Man-made virus?
52:40 - The Future of India
1:02:50 - Internet Revolution
1:06:23 - The movie "Lagaan"
1:12:15 - Twitter-verse round
1:23:26 - End of the podcast


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