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Title:Литва: Беларусь здорового человека | Евросоюз, реформы и убежище для оппозиции

I also have a channel for my English-speaking audience! Subscribe now and watch my videos dubbed in English: vrlmv.com/HLJkPq I have already shown you two former USSR Republics that joined the European Union. Now it’s time for the third one - Lithuania. I decided to explore whether a truly European country was made of it, talked with local officials about reforms and geopolitics, found out how Lithuanians feel about the collapse of the USSR and whether they like living in their country. We also discussed the deportation to Siberia and, of course, the famous Lithuanian basketball! Support the channel: Patreon: vrlmv.com/4acT9L Support with crypto: nowpayments.io/donation/varlamov Timestamps: 00:00:00 Start 00:04:45 History of Lithuania: Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Union of Lublin, Rzeczpospolita 00:06:34 Lithuania in the 20th century: two wars, dictatorship, Klaipeda, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact 00:08:19 Lithuania joins the USSR 00:10:42 How Lithuania lived as part of the USSR 00:12:49 The struggle of Lithuanian nationalists against the communists during the Second World War 00:17:16 Attitude towards the arrival of Soviet soldiers 00:17:54 "The Path to Freedom": the struggle for the independence of Lithuania through the eyes of children, and the official rhetoric of the state 00:19:45 Victims of Soviet repressions 00:23:43 Attitude towards joining the USSR 00:24:59 Mass extermination of Jews in Lithuania 00:32:16 Monument to the victims of fascism in Kaunas 00:33:07 "Russians, get out!" 00:35:52 "Sąjūdis" - the movement for the independence of Lithuania 00:38:20 "Baltic Way" - a living chain, 670 km long 00:41:04 Restoration of independence of the Republic of Lithuania 00:53:19 Development of the Lithuanian economy 00:54:21 Ignalina NPP: from exporter to importer 01:03:13 Visaginas - Lithuanian Pripyat, in which there is life 01:06:24 Reserve of Soviet panels 01:10:17 The most Russian city in Lithuania 01:16:37 Is there any nostalgia for the USSR? 01:18:41 Economic reforms in Lithuania 01:20:13 How the Lithuanian economy grew 01:22:55 Difficulties of the European integration 01:27:28 Referendum and further dependence on the EU 01:33:24 What does Lithuania live on? 01:35:52 Digitalization of the country 01:37:50 How much do Lithuanians earn 01:39:24 About the departure of Lithuanians 01:40:47 How Lithuania is becoming more and more European 01:43:03 What remains of the Soviet in Lithuania? 01:47:01 Grutas Park, Kudirki Square, Green Bridge and Vytautas the Great Bridge - places where the memory of the USSR has been preserved 01:54:53 Lithuanian basketball 01:56:47 How residential districts were designed under the USSR 02:02:10 The main symbols of the Soviet Union 02:04:18 You don't have to live in anthills! 02:05:31 Sports Palace is an example of Lithuanian brutalism 02:06:45 Airport in Stalin's Empire style 02:07:45 Russians and Russian language in Lithuania 02:14:23 Russification in the Soviet period 02:15:29 Why did Lithuania become a center of political emigration? 02:18:53 Boris Nemtsov Square 02:20:48 Refuge for Belarusian oppositionists 02:24:55 Migration problem 02:27:14 Attitude towards Russia and the Kremlin 02:30:40 Kaunas urban environment 02:35:09 Results


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