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Title:Bhagavad Gita All chapters | श्रीमदभगवद गीता सार सभी अध्याय | Narration(Hindi) | By Vineet Kamran

Soul Thoughts presenting complete Bhagavad Gita, with English Text and Hindi Narration by Vineet Kamran. This includes series of all 18 chapters, Soul Thoughts attempts to present Bhagavad Gita in simple Hindi language translation with english text of all 700 Slokas. Lets hear in detail about the famous karma theory and karma gyan given by lord krishna to his dearest friend and disciple Arjuna in his most favourite discussion Krishna talks to Arjuna. Krishna has spoken in detail about karma yoga, Dhayan Yoga, Bhakti Yoga which includes knowledge about permanent existence of soul(आत्मा) and our temporary body, which we love as if we are going to carry it from birth to birth. Krishna very well explains the whole concept of life in this most holy book and that too just 700 slokas. It is said that even just listening to this gyan given by Krishna, one can rise above the circle of life and death and attain salvation (मोक्ष). There is no other scripture which explains us the art of living in such a precise manner, as explained By God i.e. Krishna himself. Hare Krishna About Narrator Vineet Kamran: I’ve been practicing and teaching Astrology for over 9 years, helping numerous people with their life struggles, while training 100s of students who’ve now become successful astrologers themselves. If you’re ready to book a consultation with me, click here: bit.ly/3OU5klc If you like to learn on your own pace, there’s a detailed course available here: bit.ly/3QkO6Px Excited for you to join the community, and looking forward to hearing from you. Namaste. astroart.in/ AstroArt Astrology Importance Of Sun in Astrology || ज्योतिष शास्त्र में सूर्य का महत्व https://youtu.be/jqyQ2a124Ug कैसा होगा आपका विवाहिक जीवन? । How will be your Married or Love life | AstroVineet | Vineet Kamran https://youtu.be/PkoXWHlRn5o कैसा होगा आपका विवाहिक जीवन? Part 2। How will be your Married life | AstroVineet | Vineet Kamran https://youtu.be/4TYKxVGlDCY 16 Sanskaras in Hinduism | हिन्दू धर्म के 16 संस्कार | By: Vineet Kamran | AstroVineet https://youtu.be/3oDVXrwA0vA Job vs Business | What your horoscope say | आप नौकरी करेंगे या व्यापार | Vineet Kamran | AstroVineet https://youtu.be/_JrMG5-1tVE Muhurata | मुहूर्त क्या है, किसलिए निकला जाता है ? | Vineet Kamran | Astrology | AstroVineet https://youtu.be/eyClRdh4WnA Muhurata and Tithis Part 2 | मुहूर्त में तिथियों का महत्व | Vineet Kamran | Astrology | AstroVineet https://youtu.be/ERepjXyqTz4 Muhurata and Tithis Part 3 | मुहूर्त में तिथियों का महत्व | Vineet Kamran | Astrology | AstroVineet https://youtu.be/5f5fNxSmkHM Basic Astrology Course | Learn Astrology Class 1 (English) | AstroVineet | Vineet Kamran | AstroArt https://youtu.be/1MFB-2dXtnM Basic Astrology Course Class 2 | Karma Connection with Horoscope | Vineet Kamran | AstroArt https://youtu.be/m4dzyuqLa0o Basic Astrology Course Class 3 | Vedic Signs and Horoscope | Vineet Kamran | AstroArt Astrology https://youtu.be/_VRezD37WWE Basic Astrology Course Class 4 | Houses of Horoscope | Vineet Kamran | AstroArt Astrology https://youtu.be/H1zG2Q5nlHs #bhagavadgita #BhakteKaiseKarene #BhaktiKarneKeFayede #ShriKrishna #Krishna #BhagavadGitaAllShlokas #MostHolyBook #SrilaPrabhupada #Spirituality #HinduScriptures #BhagavadGitaSaar #SoulThoughts #soulthoughts #Soulthoughts #soulThoughts #VineetKamran


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