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Title:इच्छाधारी नागिन और जलपरी की दोस्ती | Five Head Snake Nagmani Cartoon | Paheliyan Video |Hindi Kahani

इच्छाधारी नागिन और जलपरी की दोस्ती | Five Head Snake Nagmani Cartoon | Paheliyan Video |Hindi Kahani

Since many days jalpari not visited icchadhari naagin place , now naainmaa want to know that why jalpari not came to see naaglok, icchdhari naagin wehnt to jalpari place, and ask jalpari to what happen, why she dint visit naaglok, jalpari replied that jalpari father jalpari ki raja is not well, now he is unable to wakeup from bed, icchadhari naagin was feel very sad , visited jalpari raja place, he was sleeping suffering with unknown problem, icchadhari naagin was suggested that, with naagmani light it will be cure, japari also thingking the same, icchadhari requested to will go together to naglok for nagmani, but jalpari said, she will follow after small time, then icchadhari nagin move to that place , before going icchadhari naagin something said to jalpari.,
Here all chudail was discussing about wealth and getting more power, ghoda chudail was hurry by running and came to this place , chudail was what happened why you are running, ghoda chudail said, japari fater was sick, due to that japari going to naglok to bring nagmani and cure jalpari raja sickness, buda chudail requrested ghoda chudail was icchadhari chudail, they can change his roop, so old chudail requested that change his face like jalpari and goto naglok, and steel nagmani, finally ghoda chudail agrred to goto naglok, and reach naglok, Nagraj was ask one questen, but ghoda chudail don’t that that is paheli, Nagraj under stand that is not jalpari, it is some of naglok ki satru, seven head snake Nagraj call icchadhari naagin, naaginmaa came and fight with ghoda chudail and other chudail give good punishment, finaly real jalpari also came and fight with chudail and take nagmani and cure jalpari raja sickness., every body is happy now., please watch full video for real story and full video, please like, comment and share our video @MagicaL Golden TV Fairy Tales

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