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Title:3 Ways To Sail Faster! Mainsail Trim Techniques

Mainsail trim and understanding the principles behind mainsail trim are essential when you are learning to sail. In this video, we show you 3 simple ways to sail faster by adjusting your mainsail trim. These 3 top tips gained from 25,000 nm of Sailing will help you sail faster, get to your destination sooner, and maybe even start to improve on your racing. And, for those interested in HOW TO TRIM YOUR FORESAIL, the second part in this series can be found here: https://youtu.be/5bHzn-cizxM You're welcome. The equipment we use: Panasonic Lumix G85 amzn.to/2FsC2Kc Go Pro Hero 7 Black amzn.to/2SRTWtF DJI Mavic Pro 2 amzn.to/2D6nZbs DJI Spark amzn.to/2VQIal3 Manfrotto Pixie amzn.to/2RJbCud Manfrotto Smooth head tripod amzn.to/2snTJCQ DJI Osmo 2 amzn.to/2D7e9Go Lowepro Passport 3 amzn.to/2FnGef8 All this equipment has been tried and tested in the field and we love it! If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, please consider using the links provided above. Thankyou :) MUSIC: All tracks featured in this episode are credited at the end of the video in the order that they appear. We get all our music from Epidemic Sound. Like what we do? Consider joining our Patreon community! Our Patrons receive all sorts of benefits and perks for as little as $2 per month. www.patreon.com/yachtrubyrose ⛵ - Sailing Lifestyle: bit.ly/sailinglifestylestories ⛵ - Sailing Adventures: bit.ly/sailingaroundtheworld ⛵ - Sailing Around The World: bit.ly/2WA1xyD ⛵ - Sailing Adventures: yachtrubyrose.com/sailing-adventures/ ⛵ - About Us: yachtrubyrose.com/our-story/ ⛵ - Contact Us: yachtrubyrose.com/contact-us/ ⛵ About Us: This is us, an Aussie girl and a British guy and for some reason, we’ve become completely obsessed with the idea of sailing around the world and sharing our experiences and information through our sailing lifestyle videos with others. We met travelling around India, and quickly agreed that rather than “settling down” and doing what most normal people do, we wanted to travel and adventure instead and started our sailing lifestyle adventure stories, since then, we’ve been working hard towards achieving our dreams, and now we’re finally living them as sailing cruising lifestyle! Want to know anything about our sailing lifestyle or sailing adventure stories? Send us an email via the contact us page yachtrubyrose.com/contact-us/ We hope you enjoy what we do. Please subscribe, like and share. OUR SOCIAL MEDIA: We update our Instagram almost daily. This showcases images of us, the boat, and our surroundings. Our Instagram stories gives you a glimpse into 'behind the scenes' and reminds you when our new episodes are out- plus anything else we feel like documenting! The link is here: www.instagram.com/yachtrubyrose Want to see our blog? All the entries we have written, and all our travel before we started our Youtube channel? Well then this is where you need to look. You can also subscribe to our newsletter! www.yachtrubyrose.com/ Interested in our Facebook page? Again, we post almost daily with pictures, small videos and stories of our daily life. Check us out here: www.facebook.com/yachtrubyrose Want to read our Tweets? Images, videos and our thoughts, almost on a daily basis? Well look here for that: www.twitter.com/yachtrubyrose Finally, we now have Spapchat! We post stories and photos on Snapchat regularly and it's a lot of fun. Search for @yachtrubyrose. Thanks so much for watching! Please subscribe, leave a comment and give a thumbs up.


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