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Title:Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! Blindfolded run Live by Sinister1 (0:38:00) [NES] #AGDQ 2014

Please leave a 'Like' to show us which runs you enjoy most. Get blindfold HYPE. I never saw someone get a Personal Best while blindfolded, until I watched Sinister1. Unbelievable. Run starts at 08:27. Game #136, played by Sinister1 (youtube.com/user/lukeMiller) (www.twitch.tv/sinisterwon) Couch commentators: Zallard1 (youtube.com/user/zallard1) (www.twitch.tv/zallard1) and Breakdown ( Released in 1987 by Nintendo, Mike Tyson's Punch Out!! was one of the hallmark titles for the NES. Featuring a colorful cast of opponents with some impressive AI for the time, players take control of Little Mac in his debut effort to capture the title of WVBA champion and earn the chance to go toe to toe with Kid Dynamite himself. That is, of course, unless you were unfortunate enough to have a copy produced after August of 1990. I can see training hard in a pink sweat suit for a chance to go against Tyson, but Mr. Dream? Come on now. Source: speeddemosarchive.com/PunchOut.html At this past Awesome Games Done Quick, $1,025,000 was raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. It only took a week of continuous streaming, 18,000 donors, and many many runners to achieve. A big thanks to everyone responsible for these amazing numbers, what a humbling achievement. For comparison, last year's event raised just under $500,000. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow SDA on Twitter twitter.com/SDAspeedruns Youtube playlist for AGDQ 2014 /playlist?list=PLMNeTFVQZEQNOKx55mGOeTWdGSg0ywDHw See SDA on Twitch www.twitch.tv/speeddemosarchivesda See all runs from SGDQ 2013 /playlist?list=PLMNeTFVQZEQOk-fVeyPAd2kyqQDjhYm8w Get a text message every time a video is uploaded motube.us/SpeedDemosArchiveSDA ------------------------------------------------------------------ Download AGDQ 2014 archive.org/details/AwesomeGamesDoneQuick2014 Download SGDQ 2013 archive.org/details/SummerGamesDoneQuick2013 SGDQ 2013 Highlight reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGcp6l... SGDQ 2013 Blooper Reel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFFnk0... UraniumAnchor's channel (guy who made the highlight/blooper reels for AGDQ/SGDQ 2013). Thanks UA! youtube.com/user/uraniumanchor?feature=watch -------------------------------------------------------------------- SDA Home speeddemosarchive.com/ SDA Live Streams www.w00ty.com/sda/stream/ Live speed runs www.numbersmw.com/ More live runs speedrunslive.com/ (Founded by Cosmo) ------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who stumble across these videos, a speed run is a video of a person or persons, completing a game as fast as possible using any means possible. This can include glitches, abusing in-game mechanics and skipping items or even playing events out of sequence. gaming channel speed runs speed game fast play through record time attack SDA speed demos archive runs 2013 awesome speedrun gameplay speedrunnners M2K2 Metroid SS Segment segmented times Single 2002 Quake AGDQ


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