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Title:Sociological Theory - Feminism (Sociology Theory & Methods)

This video provides an essential overview for A-Level Sociology students of the theory of Feminism. #aqasociology #alevelsociology #sociology #theorymethods #feminism VIDEO CHAPTERS 0:00 Introduction 0:09 Key concepts 1:19 Waves of Feminism 3:16 Liberal Feminism 4:27 Marxist Feminism 5:54 Radical Feminism 7:21 Feminist methodology 8:23 Evaluations 9:30 Contributions of Feminism The video is part of a series of short topic videos for A-Level Sociology students taking the Theory & Methods topic. View the complete series on this YouTube Playlist: /playlist?list=PLp8BSCLLWBUCFCDhSWN6lZ3URxLDmceJ2 Feminism is a key sociological theory. All feminists argue that society is patriarchal (male-dominated) but they disagree about the extent of this today, the causes of it and the solutions. Feminist can be categorised into: Liberal feminists - whose views of feminism focus on legal equality between the sexes: equal rights. Since women got the vote, the Equal Pay Act, the Sex Discrimination Act and various other advances, their battle is largely won. However, concern remains about the gender pay gap, “glass ceiling” and situations in other countries. Radical feminists - who see patriarchy as inherent in all social structures: it needs radical change, not just legal change. Some radical feminists favour separatism; they believe relationships between men and women cannot be equal because of the threat of violence. Marxist feminists - who believe women are oppressed by patriarchy and capitalism. Gender and class are equally important. Difference feminists - who believe women are oppressed by patriarchy, capitalism and racism. “Intersectionality”. Postmodern feminists: see femininity is an identity of choice which can be celebrated, rather than rejected.


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