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Title:Dark Souls - Story Explained

Want to support us? Find out more: www.patreon.com/thebrotherscode In the constant battle, between the light and the dark, perhaps we must ask ourselves, what lies beyond it? Timestamps: 00:00 Chapter I: Age of Ancients 10:46 Chapter II: Age of Fire 22:02 Chapter III: The Undead Pilgrimage 51:16 Chapter IV: A Grand Illusion 1:09:38 Chapter V: The Lordvessel 1:43:18 Chapter VI: Oolacile and the Abyss 2:03:43 Chapter VII: Kiln of the First Flame Music (In order of appearance): ES_Fractions of Souls - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Making a Wish - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Empty Promises - Trevor Kowalski ES_A Monsters Feeling - Hampus Naeselius ES_Separation - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Don't Be Afraid - Jakob Ahlbom ES_Empty Promises - Trevor Kowalski ES_Fragment - Ever So Blue ES_Eyes of Yours - Edgar Hopp ES_Freedom Is Fuel - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Late Nights in Harmony - Trevor Kowalski ES_Long Distance Call - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Negotiations - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Remember Yourself - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Serenity - Edward Karl Hanson ES_The Book - Edward Karl Hanson ES_The Stars Remain - Martin Gauffin ES_The Northern Cliff - Erasmus Talbot ES_The Quiz - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Within Its Own Silent Shell - Hampus Naeselius ES_Outwatch - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Under the Stone - Edward Karl Hanson ES_For Nothing - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Frost - Jakob Ahlbom ES_Butterfly Dance - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Black Sun Rising - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Greater Than You or I - Gavin Luke ES_Distant Echo - Jakob Ahlbom ES_Gentle Change - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Only Human - Philip Ayers ES_Passages - Edward Karl Hanson ES_A Sad String Quartet - Traditional ES_Valley of the Kings - Hampus Naeselius ES_From Us to Them - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Rivers End - Hampus Naeselius ES_Behind the Moon - Hampus Naeselius ES_The Day Before - Edward Karl Hanson ES_We'll Return - Edgar Hopp ES_The Ascension - Hampus Naeselius ES_Ambient Sun - Cerulean Skies ES_The Great Unknown - Hampus Naeselius ES_Vantage Point - Hampus Naeselius ES_October Skies - Ebb & Flod ES_Nomads - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Through Time and Space - Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen ES_Rise to Be Your Hero - Hampus Naeselius ES_Identity Crisis - Edward Karl Hanson ES_The Thin Line - Hampus Naeselius ES_I Cannot See You - Cercles Nouvelles ES_Somewhere Then (Instrumental Version) - GEMINII ES_Finding Melody - Gavin Luke ES_The Wish Child - Edward Karl Hanson ES_Adapted by Dark - Hampus Naeselius ES_Dark Turns to Light - Hampus Naeselius ES_At_the_Break_of_Dawn_-_Jakob_Ahlbom


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