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Title:Nora And Barry Parallels | The Flash

Read the description for more! #theflash #theflashseason5 This video is inspired by arrowverse lover 100. Check their channel out! It's awesome! /channel/UCLBlawGJak3bkpqQujLGNrQ Nora West-Allen and Barry Allen Similarities/Parallels - [BONUS ones I forgot to add: Nora and Barry both saved everyone from a burning fire for the first time. Also, when they were kids, they went to the place where they're not supposed to. For example, when Barry was a kid, he went to Barry's dad in the police station, when his adoptive father (Joe West) told him not to. When Nora was a kid, she went to the Flash Museum, even though her mother (Iris West-Allen) told her not to. To add, they both have a drink of their superhero identities at CC Jitters.] 1. Their workday is the same. 2. They both research something a lot. - Barry researches about his mom’s death. - Nora researches about Cicada. 3. They both get struck by lightning. 4. They wake up after being struck by lightning. 5. They see things in slow motion for the first time. 6. They both run too fast that they run inside of a laundry truck. - Barry runs into Gambi Cleaners. - Nora runs into Gambi & Sons Cleaners. 7. Their hand shakes with the energy of the speedforce inside of them. 8. They decide to not tell Iris. 9. When someone dies that is close to them, they react the same way. - When Lia dies, Nora runs up to Lia and keeps saying her name. - When Barry’s dad dies, Barry runs up to his dad and says Dad many times. 10. They both meet Gideon and react the same way. 11. They both have a video message from each other, saying the same things. 12. They get to hug their parent that is dead in the future. - Nora hugs her dad for the first time. - Barry gets to hug his mom since a long time. 13. Nora and Barry both see Barry’s parents and react the same way, with the same expressions on their faces. 14. They get to have a meal with their parents in the past. - Barry has lunch with his mom and dad. - Nora has dinner with her mom and dad. 15. They both have a love interest. - In her version of Flashpoint, Nora meets Spencer and gets called cute. - In Flashpoint, Barry meets Iris and gets called cute. 16. They both meet their parents as an adult. - Barry meets his mom in the past before she dies. - Nora meets her parents in the past (long before her dad dies). 17. They both don’t trust someone. - Nora doesn’t trust Thawne (Barry doesn’t either, which is a different parallel I didn’t add). - Barry doesn’t trust Nora—and Nora is a lot like Thawne. 18. Nora and Barry both get erased from existence. 19. The article changed after someone close to them died. - In the future, Iris is supposed to die, so the article changes. - In the future, Barry dies, so an article is created after 25 years of his disappearance. 20. They both threaten to pull a “Reverse Flash” on Cisco. - Reverse XS (or Evil Nora) threatens to hurt Cisco. - Savitar (or Evil Barry) threatens to hurt Cisco. 21. They both save someone by shooting lightning in their body. - Nora saves Barry. - Barry saves Cisco. 22. For the first time, they both change time and have an episode of time change craziness. - Barry goes back in time and redos his day over. - Nora goes back in time and redos her day over again. 23. One of their parents both died. - Barry’s mom died. - Nora dad vanished (and died supposedly). 24. They both get their back broken by a villain. - Zoom breaks Barry’s back. Cicada breaks Nora’s back. 25. They both can’t feel their legs after they get their back broken. 26. They both get better and get encouraged by their parent. - Barry gets better and hugs his dad. - Nora gets better and hugs her mom. I hope you enjoyed the video! Remember to like, comment, and subscribe (if you want to, of course)! :)


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