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Title:Anupam Tripathi latest video🎥| Tumhare Desh ne tumko Lockdown mein kitna diya? Mere Desh ne diya #00

Anupam Tripathi latest video🎥| How much does your country Government and PM really care for you? #Modi​, #India​, Lockdown, Payout, USA, China, Sweden, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Nigeria, who paid how much to it's citizens during lockdown, Anupam Tripathi latest video,
Anupam Tripathi latest video🎥| I'll get Dr. Kafeel Khan out of jail 👮🚓| #VinayDubey​| FFAR India| #DrKafeelKhan​|
#डाॅ_काफिल_खान​ को #जेल​ से #रिहा_कराने_वाले​ को #1_करोड_रूपये​ का #फिस​ दुंगा : #विनय_दुबे_मुंबई

VinayDubey, #VinayDubeyIsBack​,

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You can send your donations to FFAR India 🇮🇳 by Paytm to 9599349269 with remark "Donation for Dr Kafeel Khan Freedom". All donations sent by you shall be forwarded to Dr. Kafeel Khan's family directly by FFAR India🇮🇳. Thank you. Please also WhatsApp the screenshot of the donation made by you to 9899874982 to Ishan along with your name, city state and email address so that a receipt of the same can be issued by FFAR India 🇮🇳 to you. All donations made by you to FFAR India🇮🇳 are 50 percent tax exempt, FFAR India🇮🇳 being a recognised 100 percent charity. Thanks 🌹
(FFAR India🇮🇳 takes full responsibility to ensure that these donations made by you reach Dr Kafeel's family directly by FFAR India🇮🇳)

In the alternate you can also donate to Vinay Dubey at the numbers provided by him in his video. (FFAR India🇮🇳 does not take any responsibility for such donations made by you. For such purpose reach out to Mr Vinay Dubey directly. ) Thanks 🌹

You can also donate to FFAR India as follows:
1. FFAR India (secure) Paytm No. 9599349269

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