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Title:Kpop Idols UNC0MFORTABLE With Their outfits

*Use code KpopCorn for 10% off the ice cream cat cushions https://puddinworld.com/?ref=kpopcorn Code: KpopCorn Background music - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNoN... ■ VIDEO INFORMATION This video is about the stylists choice for some Kpop girl groups. ■ CHANNEL INFORMATION We make informational & opinion videos about Kpop,everything from the entertainment point of view, music to behind the scene. Our aim is to spread korean music and be a guide for new Kpop fans while also bring back the history of Kpop for older fans. #kpop #kpopcorn 01. Twice Twice jihyo - https://youtu.be/CHL5Bvalbdo Twice jihyo - https://youtu.be/U9ANj5TVljA Twice Nayeon - https://youtu.be/vQ6MEW_qp_Q Twice Mina - https://youtu.be/ZBSiSplSShg Twice fansign -https://youtu.be/-_Db0IFRJs4 02. Twice Twice Mina -https://youtu.be/Wmc5oayP7o8 Twice Nayeon - https://youtu.be/BRGoYY1cLZw Twice Sana - https://youtu.be/MKMCWT5_trU Twice Nayeon - https://youtu.be/t9gRGR-qKyA Twice Nayeon - https://youtu.be/zlXQLr1fvg4 01. Red velvet Red velvet Irene - https://youtu.be/H3zGm0zablY Red velvet Irene - https://youtu.be/hn_c0lmllC4 Red velvet Irene (before) - https://youtu.be/UixXNVPPQjg Red velvet Irene (after) After - https://youtu.be/8r-qAnuXi9M After - https://youtu.be/UQoIS5ycWeI After - https://youtu.be/MTnDutw1PyM Irene - https://youtu.be/spsomKMvNp4 02. Red velvet Red velvet Joy - https://youtu.be/esnugb3QOCA Red velvet Joy - https://youtu.be/oXkJ8V5rFO8 Red Velvet Joy - https://youtu.be/Oupvh1a3qJU https://youtu.be/djIz-ZYSlYk Red velvet Joy - https://youtu.be/_gV00DAQsh8 Red velvet Joy - https://youtu.be/cRUwBWxfTM8 MOMOLAND Yeonwoo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x0zHAWQ... https://youtu.be/mBTSQS7ZmW0 https://youtu.be/_VufO7VFkVg https://youtu.be/ol8q-ozEV9s https://youtu.be/-a2IaaW0e-0 Gfriend Gfriend - https://youtu.be/6iB5701sEqo Gfriend Sowon - https://youtu.be/0j71o29YyIA Gfriend Eunha - https://youtu.be/G_-SNiuZrJA Gfriend sinb - https://youtu.be/nqo-XK_0Irw Gfriend Sinb - https://youtu.be/hIb_lm3sft0 Gfriend umji - https://youtu.be/7B1dMnW6Ezc Gfriend yerin - https://youtu.be/BTLHK4KbjJc 01. Apink Apink Naeun - https://youtu.be/D4szD6ple8M Apink Naeun -https://youtu.be/k5wG_F_B1w4 02. Apink Apink Hayoung - https://youtu.be/6dRJQt4q9Fk Blackpink Blackpink Jennie - https://youtu.be/6EeMUxbxYrc Blackpink Rosé - https://youtu.be/xr2K4GKD0cI Blackpink Jennie - https://youtu.be/MT3cnBzi4KA Blackpink Jennie - https://youtu.be/PBadQIUY37Y Blackpink Rosé - https://youtu.be/xc_ED_1o4hQ Blackpink Rosé - https://youtu.be/-lgBeL_Z8J4 Lovelyz https://youtu.be/Iv07HoaM1vc https://youtu.be/3ln1RzSBnaI https://youtu.be/bnwLA6RRuEg https://youtu.be/RAwu4BEalOc *This link is affiliate links which means if you go make a purchase I will earn a commission.


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