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Title:The Mythology In The Underworld Movies Explained | Netflix

Think the Underworld series is just bloody vampire-versus-werewolf action, a never-ending hail of ultraviolet bullets, and pretty people in tight leather? Think again. Look a little deeper and you'll find a complex mythology that'll give even the densest fantasy novel a run for its money.

If you need some help figuring out exactly what's going on in all of the Underworld films and you don't mind spoiling some of the franchise's big reveals, here's everything you need to know about Underworld's monstrous mythology.

Back in the early fifth century, Alexander Corvinus was just your regular, run-of-the-mill Hungarian warlord...until he returned from a campaign to find that his entire village had succumbed to a rare plague.

Alexander contracted the disease, too, but thanks to a bizarre genetic mutation, he didn't just survive the disease it actually made him immortal. Alexander passed his immortality on to his sons, the twin brothers William and Marcus, and an unnamed third child.

But the Corvinus clan had worse times ahead. William was bitten by a wolf and the bite interacted with the virus in his bloodstream to give him special powers, essentially transforming him into the first werewolf. Shortly afterwards, Marcus was bitten by a bat, making him the first vampire. Meanwhile, Alexander's third son, whose immortality lay dormant, passed his latent powers on to his offspring as a recessive trait, creating entire generations of would-be immortals.

Watch the video to see the mythology in the Underworld series explained.

The cursed Corvinus clan | 0:25
Brother versus brother | 1:15
Not your regular vampires | 2:22
The Vampire-Werewolf war rages on | 3:33
Life in chains | 4:45
Enter the Lycans | 6:07
The Vampire-Lycan War begins | 7:17
The "birth" of Selene | 8:20
Ending the war | 9:14
All about the hybrids | 10:19

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The Mythology In The Underworld Movies Explained | Netflix


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