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Title:What Would Happen If All Men Disappeared? | IFLAND

What would happen if all men disappeared? The world would become less beautiful, because girls no longer had to put on make-up and keep themselves fit. In this case, women in general would change a lot, at least if they wanted to survive. After all, until this moment, men did most of the hard work. Do you want more details? Then turn on the video fast, we have something to surprise you with!
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What Would Happen If | IFLAND - https://bit.ly/2xW7M8z
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you knew and remembered everything that happened throughout your life? Does that sound crazy or something you wish you were capable of doing? What would have happened if people had wings and were able to fly long distance? Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

This playlist contains possible theories regarding this interesting subject.

Save this playlist by Ifland and watch animated science and animated infographic videos regarding this topic and learn more.

What If Some Things Never Existed | IFLAND - https://bit.ly/2J57HEJ
Do you ever wonder what our lives would be like if some things never existed? Everything seems to be connected in this world, at least that is what we are always told… Do you agree? What would happen if, for example, internet or cell phones never existed? Do you think everything would be completely different if these two things never existed? What if not everything is actually connected as we are told it is? This playlist by IFLAND contains various theories regarding this subject.

What If Tomorrow Everything Will Disappear | IFLAND - https://bit.ly/2J0NgZk
What if today is our last day and tomorrow everything will disappear? There are a lot of different theories regarding the end of the World. But what is the end of the World? What needs to happen in order for the World to end and when will it happen? We could wake up one day and everything will be gone… What if everything disappears tomorrow? What would happen if that is the case? We don’t know the exact answer, although this playlist by IFLAND includes possible assumptions that could very well be the truth!

What if History | IFLAND - https://bit.ly/2LPXb1G
Can you imagine what would have happened if Germany won World War Two? Imagine going back in History. What do you think Europe would be like if Germans won the war? Would all of the Polish Jews be killed in that case? Would Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria remain part of Axis? What about Great Britain? Would the Government of it change if Germans won the war? There are a lot of possible theories and outcomes if Allied powers lost?

Do you constantly find yourself thinking, “what if I never find love”, “what if I did this differently”, “what if I took that opportunity, “what if everything disappears tomorrow?”. If so, then IFLAND is exactly what you are looking for!

This world is a very mysterious place indeed. As much as we wish to receive all of the answers to the topics that worry us the most, unfortunately, it is not quite possible, as every decision brings a different outcome. That is exactly when “what if” enters our head. Even though we cannot return to the past or predict our future, we constantly continue to doubt our actions and decisions regardless whether we regret it or not. Every decision, even the little one can completely turn our lives around.

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If you are, and even if you do not consider yourself being one, chances are you still occasionally catch yourself “entering the IFLAND”. We, humans, are very curious creatures by nature always seeking the answers and additional information.

IFLAND will help to understand how and why we are constantly questioning our actions. In this channel, you can find all of the latest animated infographics, that will open up your mind and help you to understand yourself better.

Are you interested in animated science? Here, you can find a visual representation of what is really going on in our minds!

Are you hesitating about sharing your “if” thoughts with friends and family? IFLAND contains a lot of mindblowing animation movies that will put your mind at ease and supply with additional surprising information!

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