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Title:The Disturbing History of Coca-Cola

🌍 Get up to 100% cashback for learning a foreign language: try.lingoda.com/Sprint_MagnatesMedia 🤑 How To Earn a Full-Time Income From YouTube: magnates.media/youtube (My COMPLETE YouTube System) This video covers the INSANE story of Coca-Cola. This MagnatesMedia mini-movie documents the history of Coca-Cola, along with some of Coke's biggest scandals, controversies, and marketing successes. This Coca-Cola documentary begins by looking at the early beginnings of Coca-Cola as a patent medicine in the 1800's, created by John Pemberton. We then examine Coca-Cola's marketing strategy, and how it pioneered many marketing tactics that are commonplace today. We then move on to how Coca-Cola profited from war, and how Coke managed to expand globally so rapidly (and create Fanta in the process). Next, we look at some of the biggest accusations against Coca-Cola, such as the claims made by the stop killer coke campaign involving union leaders at Coke bottling plants. We also look at Coca-Cola's approach to the negative health effects of its drinks, including the disastrous launch of Dasani in the UK. And finally, we look at the ongoing battle between Coke and Pepsi, and how Coca-Cola created New Coke, that was simultaneously both a marketing disaster, and and one of the greatest business moves the company has made. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to learn lessons from successful businesses, or you're simply interested to understand Coca-Cola's dramatic history, this MagnatesMedia business documentary about Coca Cola has everything you need. ~~~ How To Make Money Online - My 4 Favourite Ways: 1️⃣ Set-up 10+ income streams with YouTube: magnates.media/youtube 2️⃣ Best Programme To Start an Online Business: magnates.media/ofa 3️⃣ Promote Fiverr & Get Paid Commission: magnates.media/fiverraffiliate 4️⃣ Get a FREE Stock worth up to $300: magnates.media/freestocks 🎁 Get up to $250 crypto with a $100 deposit blockfi.mxuy67.net/magnates Best Resources to Grow Your Business / YouTube Channel: 🔥 My Course (YouTube Business Blueprint): magnates.media/youtube 📞 Book a private 1-1 coaching call with me: magnates.media/call 🧰 My Equipment & Recommendations: magnatesmedia.com/equipment 🎨 Editing Software I use: magnates.media/editing 👨‍🏭 Hire Freelancers & Build a Team: magnates.media/fiverr 🔐 Stay Safe Online (Keep your data PRIVATE): magnates.media/vpn 💌 Build An Email List So You Can Contact Your Fans: magnates.media/email 🎵 Music I use: www.slip.stream/?fpr=john19 use code JOHN02 for 20% off! How To Be A Legend: Step 1. Subscribe to MagnatesMedia and turn on ALL Notifications. Step 2. That's it. You're a certified legend. Thanks for your support! Watch More from MagnatesMedia (John Frazer): 🔵 Levels of Wealth: https://youtu.be/B8d4uqQjk6o 🟡 How James Jani Beat The YouTube Algorithm: https://youtu.be/WQN2Gcn7PMg 🟢 How Jeff Bezos Won Capitalism: https://youtu.be/AJeVN7dZV7Y 🟠 More FREE Mini-Documentaries: magnates.media/watch 📺 Visit Our Channel For Lots More: youtube.com/magnatesmedia ~~~ WHAT IS MAGNATESMEDIA YOUTUBE CHANNEL? ~~~ 🎥 Unique, high-quality "documentary-style" videos & courses ⭐ Topics include business, money, marketing, success & more 🤵 Written, voiced & produced by John Frazer (Creator of MagnatesMedia) 🧡 Support us (& see behind the scenes): patreon.com/magnatesmedia 📱 Follow us @magnatesmedia on Twitter, Instagram & TikTok for bonus content 🔔 Subscribe & Turn on all notifications to see our new documentaries! ~~~ ⌛ Coca Cola Chapters: 00:00 Prologue 00:44 Chapter 1: How Coca-Cola REALLY Began 04:51 Chapter 2: The Spectacular Rise of Coca-Cola 10:11 Chapter 3: The Lucrative Business of War 14:40 Lingoda Special Deal 15:46 Chapter 4: Coca-Cola's Secrets 25:52 Chapter 5: New Coke - The Greatest Disaster DISCLAIMER: I'm not a financial advisor or journalist. I may receive a commission on affiliate links used. All content used within the parameters of fair use. Please view our About page to contact MagnatesMedia. Paid sponsorship enquiries: support@magnatesmedia.com #BusinessStories #MagnatesMediaMovies #Business #Entrepreneurship #Twitter Thank you for watching this MagnatesMedia documentary, I hope you enjoy. MORE FREE BUSINESS MINI-MOVIES: 🟤 Episode 1 - The INSANE Story of WhatsApp: https://youtu.be/FQd5bo9nIZs ⚪ Episode 2 - The INSANE Truth About TikTok: https://youtu.be/djk159kLBwA 🟣 Episode 3 - The REAL Reason Yahoo! Lost Everything: https://youtu.be/hpI8PSY8eOM 🟢 Episode 4 - How Starbucks Made Billions From a Stolen Idea: https://youtu.be/E_t6cfCYj-U ⚫ Episode 5 - The Illegal Rise of Uber: https://youtu.be/ISIjlRExdpE 🔵 Episode 6 - The 3 Betrayals That Created Twitter: https://youtu.be/9YAc7ohAFGg 🔴 Episode 7 - How Coke Made Billions From Sugar Water: youtu.be/ELu8y6eK-0g


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