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Title:Gossip Girl - Opening Scene - “Lies Wide Shut” (1x03)

Davis Calloway bids his daughter Julien goodbye as he's headed to Berlin, just when she receives a Gossip Girl blast detailing her fruitless international search a rebound, as well as Zoya's apparent attempts at connecting with Obie. Monet and Luna bemoan at the embarrassing post, advising Julien the only way to get over an heir is choosing another. Julien states she didn't like any of them - L adds she doesn't have to but she has to date them. M doesn't want to admit it but men always win at this. Audrey steals Julien away to the girls' bathroom, begging her not to tell anyone what she's about to say. Julien wonders if she killed anyone, but Audrey confesses it is worse: she slept with Max, multiple times. Julien, astonished, demands clarification and why now. Audrey herself doesn't know, but it one long, highly informative night. JC asks if she's gonna tell Aki, but Audrey says it has nothing to do with him and she loves him. Until A can give him a reason why, she won't cause him any pain. Julien assures her friend-DA signed and hopes Gossip Girl doesn't find out, causing the blonde to freak out and shriek that she's a terrible person.

At the lockers, Aki states he's a terrible person. Obie doesn't believe him, even if Aki gives a theoretical situation that he made out with someone and cheated on Audrey. Upon Obie's pressing, Aki admits what he did. The brunette asks if it was a recurring thing, but Aki sternly states it was just once. Obie isn't bothered, advising him not to tell Audrey if he doesn't want to see her in pain. He says if it was a mistake, then move on and hope she does as well. Just as they enter the courtyard, Aki stops dead at the sight of Max as does Audrey. The couple wave at each other form the windows. JC notes the awkwardness but Audrey begs her to shush, as Gossip Girl could be listening. She is overheard by Kate Keller, overjoyed that her plan is working. Reema approaches just then, informing her Headmistress Burton has called an after-school meeting. Kate's sure it's unrelated but Reema isn't.

While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl’s identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Max pushes Julien to explore life outside her comfort zone, prompting both teens to uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help fitting in. #GossipGirl #xoxoGossipGirl #HBOGossipGirl #HBO


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