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Title:Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill at Cades Cove | Great Smoky Mountains

Muddy Pond Sorghum Mill has been making sweet sorghum for many decades. Deep in the hills of Tennessee, midway between Nashville and Knoxville lies a little community called Muddy Pond. During September and October, you can smell the aroma of freshly made sorghum syrup being made by the Guenther family. They have been making sorghum syrup since the mid-1960s with others in the community, John and Emma Guenther started the family operation in the early 1980s. Three of their sons; Mark and wife Sherry, Pete and wife Doreen, and Eddie and wife Ruth run the mill now. John Guenther passed away December 22, 2018. Several of the grandchildren help at the mill, firing the boiler, bringing wood down from the pile, filling containers and labeling jars. As the years have passed and the demand for sorghum has increased, they have gone from cutting the cane by hand, with a machete, to harvesting with a machine that is pulled behind the tractor. The machine cuts the cane and a press squeezes the juice out and pumps it into a tank that is pulled behind the machine. The tank of juice is taken to the sorghum mill and pumped into a holding tank. It is preheated overnight, and early the next morning they start boiling it. The juice is cooked in a 22 x 8-foot evaporator pan. It is heated by steam produced by a wood-fired, steam locomotive boiler. The finished product is then cooled and bottled, ready to pour on some hot biscuits. Recipes: www.muddypondsorghum.com/sorghum-cookies.html Store: www.mcssl.com/store/muddypondsorghumllc Festivals: www.muddypondsorghum.com/Festivals.html SUBSCRIBE and learn about the Great Smoky Mountains or hiking and backpacking in general, with an occasional cycling video or two. /channel/UCgpUSAEkDEARff6V-7sCNIw Lets Connect! - www.facebook.com/JohnnyontheTrail - www.instagram.com/johnnyonthetrail - sites.google.com/view/johnnyonthetrail - twitter.com/kf4pch - johnnyonthetrail@gmail.com Johnny on the Trail 1471 West Millers Cove Road Walland, TN 37886 MY HIKING & BACKPACKING VLOGGING CHANNEL - youtube.com/c/JohnnyontheTrail I want to thank everyone who has supported this channel. I'm grateful that you choose to support me with your viewership and time. I hope that I'm giving my audience exactly what they want to see. with a promise of no clickbait or misleading thumbnails. I am open to suggestions for content so drop me a comment and let me know what you are interested in seeing. I will be traveling more this year so expect to see some new hiking/backpacking locations other than the Smokies. ******************************* Camera: GoPro Hero and iCamera X Gimble: DJI Osmo II Video editing: Filmora


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