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Title:Forty less than OE

#bars #music #bandlab #bandlabrapper #rapper #rap #fire #pologtypebeat #polog #avantotypebeats #2022 #new #newmusic #singer #singersongwriter #song #writer #youtube #trend #trending #share #follow #like #subscribe #605 #youngprodigy #comeup #solo #artist #nolabel #rapartist #hurtin #unknown #infamous (Lyrics) Told me that I couldn’t, wouldn’t freestyle to this beat Nigga pull yo phone record it, post it on the Y.T Took a shot a bottle patron I sip it lightly Then I’m drinking heavy ask me if I’m lit I might be ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I changed my ways I’m tired of holding all the pain inside me I know they called me names an nothing changed an that’s how life be I know I grew up poor I was rocking stained white T’s niggas In my hood will sell you fake nikes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hit the streets in pine ridge collecting, bagging loot. I was only 16, but I showed em how I do I was bagging up im on my grind Yo bitch ass was in school You was learning how to be like them I’m learning how they move ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An That’s the difference between a hustler and a fool A hustler on his grind to get some money get some food, A fool is playing the fool to fool the fool that’s fooling you Haters hit me up an be like Brodie that’s true ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ An I took a leap of faith to decide the next move Yeah I know how it feels to hear lies, win or lose You could see it in my eyes I been treated so cruel Yeah my life a losing game An no love’s the only rule ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve been losing all my life I just hope I don’t lose you Yeah The prayers in my heart, I be praying for him an you. (He’s my son, you’re his mom I swear to god I miss you) 2x An that’s on god. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yeah The pressure on my mind it’s gonna make me go insane I be thuggin through the weather whenever I delt wit pain I be popping pills, smoking weed, an a bottle of champagne , to ease the pain I’m breaking the silence the mental violence in my brain I’m losing the battle to reach the matters make a change I’m making sure that making money ain’t compared today I’m making the balance I’m dropping bitches that be fake I’m feeling so hallow the last time numb to pain ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You ever make a smile knowing damn well it’s fake I’m drinking the bottle to see tomorrow when I’m blank I’m Pushing the limits I’m gonna give it what it takes Affiliation asylum up in my mind is when I think I’m smoking these blunts I wake up in the skunk tank A bottle beside me of O.E pour drank I fill up with shots no thoughts couldn’t think “Forty Less Than OE” spillin down the sink And My Name’s UKNOWN INFAMOUS I don’t care bout what you think (Yeah)... (Ha)


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