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Title:The Musketeers | «Best Day Of My Life» [HUMOR]

watch in HD please, it makes them even sassier :) (Alternative title for this video: How to troll like a musketeer.) Oi, look who procrastinates by vidding! Double oi, look who has discovered a smashing new fandom! I'm sorry I can't stop posting humor-vids lately, I just couldn't resist the "IT'S A METAPHOR"-line.* But, if you're totally fed up with this kind of video, don't despair! I seem to be running out of upbeat songs to use, because yes, my iTunes library is a giant collection of depressingly angsty music. So, go watch the Musketeers, because it's awesome. Obviously, there is fencing involved. Fencing is good. (although: did 17th century France only breed black/dark horses? Because this show sure as hell gives me that impression.) Oh, and I'm sorry for the background music in some of the audio clips. I can usually figure out a way around that, but not this time. (seriously, why would you give me 4 audio tracks if 2 of them are empty?!) *I was supposed to be writing a paper on metaphors while I made this... Oh, the irony! All information is at the end of the video! TUMBLR: nirmenia.tumblr.com/ BACK-UP: youtube.com/user/Nirmeniah (where I upload collab parts and the occasional preview)


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