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Title:Dal Trinciato alla Semina, in 1 giorno 💣 | Stalla Sociale Monastier

Defining this video as 'video' would be an understatement, this is a real FILM! 📽 Let's start from the beginning, we are located in Monastier di Treviso (TV) in northern Italy, where the Monastier Social Stable is located. Since 1969 this agricultural cooperative has been working with a strong spirit of collaboration and to date it has 22 members, 5000 animals reared, a 1 Megawatt biogas and 650 hectares of cultivated land! Since we have given some numbers, I will summarize some of the vehicles that are present in the video: 3 Mulchers, 15 Trailers, 3 Seeders, 3 Crawlers, 3 Trenchers, 1 Vervaet ... adding only the tractors we are already 30 vehicles mezzi Let's start describing the various construction sites of this incredible day, starting with the shredding. There are 3 Claas Jaguars on the field: 980 with Domai MPD-612 bar (Schiocchet), 2 970 with Claas Direct Disc 600 and 610 (Fagan) bars. In transport we see 15 vehicles: Deutz Fahr, Fendt, Steyr, McCormick, Case, John Deere, practically almost a dealer in the field 😂 The trailers range from Bossini, Vaia, Cum, Menci and Zaccaria! After shredding, we see three types of processing: direct sowing of soybeans on sod, decompaction then passage with a rotary harrow, sewage burying with Vervaet then decompaction and refinement of the soil (the latter two always to then sow). Let's start by describing what is the first fielding of two brand new John Deere 750A no-till planters (7:13 minutes). Driven by two John Deere, 6155R (Barbaran) and 6130R (Stalla Soc. Monastier), these planters provide precise seed distribution in all conditions, also thanks to the ProSeries furrowers. Thanks to the sturdy welded frame, the seeder constantly demonstrates its effectiveness, even in the most difficult working conditions., Guaranteeing seeding speeds of up to 15 km / h. In the trenches we see 3 deer, also from the Monastier Social Stable: 8530, 8310R and 6250R. In the other yards we see a John Deere 7290R (Barbaran) with Maschio Gaspardo rotary harrow, John Deere 8370RT (Barbaran) with He-Va decompactor, John Deere 6125R with Maschio Gaspardo modified seeder, two Challengers (Agro T & C) MT865C and MT775E with He-Va decompactor and Maschio Gaspardo rotary harrow. Finally, Vervaet (Agro T & C) takes the field for the distribution of digestate from biogas, where the He-Va decompactor is then passed with the RT and the Challenger. In support there are various barrels, but I have not had the opportunity to take them all back 😅 In the video you can see a Claas Axion with a Bossini barrel (Marcon) and a Kubota M7003 with a Vaia barrel. A dutiful thanks to Marco and to all the operators in the field, this video is easily inserted among the best we have ever made! We hope it will excite you too 🤩 Location: Monastier di Treviso (TV) - Italy Date: 06/05/2021 If you liked the video, leave a 👍 and subscribe to the channel: youtube.com/c/AgroNord You can also follow us on our social channels where we always publish updates: Instagram: www.instagram.com/agronord/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/AgroNordLtd Public Telegram Group: t.me/AgroNordltd All the music I use in the videos can be found here: soundstripe.com/?fpr=agronord If you like our videos please support us with a small donation so we can bring higher quality content: www.paypal.me/AgroNord


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