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Title:Phyzix - #MUTIPATSA? (Official Video)

Phyzix, It's Only Entertainment (IOE) CEO and Artist, delivers his brand-new music video for his 2018 Single '#MUTIPATSA?', as the theme song for the #Mutipatsa? Campaign.

The campaign revolves around Youth and Women issues that need to be addressed and included in the political agenda towards the 2019 Malawi Tripartite Elections and beyond that to hold leaders accountable for their commitments.

Some of the activities apart from the Theme Song have been the #MutipatsaChallenge that has seen the youth voice out their issues in song, the #MutipatsaCollegeTour where Phyzix, Youth Advocates and Women Advocates will have an open discussion on these issues that will be compiled and presented to all the Presidential aspirants to be included in their agenda as well as the #MutipatsaCommunityTour to conduct similar discussions with youth and women in various communities across Malawi.

Phyzix was motivated by the 2019 Malawi Tripartite Elections and because he feels he has a responsibility as a musician to send across positive messages to people. It is necessary for Malawians to know the different candidates and to know their objectives for Malawians to make informed decisions when casting a vote.

“Our vote is our power! The youth are most of our population and therefore I did this song as a person who is a part of that demographic and connected to the youth as reminder for us to be engaged. All I want is for us youth to be engaged, to understand the policies, the manifestos and plans of our candidates. We should not just go to political rallies to take selfies and make it a festivity but rather we should take these gatherings seriously.” Phyzix (2018)

The following are the key messages being put across through the song:
• Encouraging people to be engaged during campaign and elections.
• To know and understand the manifestos of the candidates
• To remind candidates of the tripartite elections on some of the key needs of the nation and especially those of the minorities such as youth, women, albinos etc.
• To encourage peace during the elections
• To remind people on their right to vote and the significance of voting if they are of voting age
• Encouraging qualified/fit and of age youth to participate in active politics
• Encouraging issue-based politics

“Artists or Musicians are citizens first. They have the same fundamental rights and freedoms like the rest of us. They can choose who to vote for, support or associate with. These are personal decisions. Suffice to say it would be great to have more musicians or artists involved in issues of national interest to grow the importance of the music industry.” Phyzix (2018)

This song was produced by Dare Devilz and Stich Fray. The Dare Devilz made this beat for Phyzix in 2010. He just had them make a few touch ups and add some 808s (modern sound). He has deliberately used his old type of sound, tone of voice and rapping style to take the people back to a time that he used to make socially conscious music. Stich Fray recorded, mixed and mastered the song.

© 2018 It's Only Entertainment

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhyzixMw/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PhyzixMw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phyzixmw/
Website: http://www.audiomack.com/artist/phyzix

A film by Auto Focus/Hotshots
Director / Editor: VJ Ken
Assistant Director: Flap Good
Director of Photography: Razzaq Mirambo of Summer Zone Pictures


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