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Title:Paul Englishby's Luther OST (Soundtrack Medley)

This medley started out half a week ago when I finished watching The Worricker Trilogy starring the excellent and vastly unappreciated acting talent, Bill Nighy. If you're into spies, government conspiracies and British wit, there's nothing I can recommend more to you but this. This is almost completely unrelated, so I'll press on. When I finished watching these films I was after the soundtracks to the films to make a medley of but alas, they were never released. Imagine my surprise when I found out that a new rising composer in my ranks had actually scored a show I'd watched before and one that I'd completely forgotten about at that. I felt filthy, you're right. Anyway I sat back and enjoyed the show again. The second two-parter in the second series in particular gave me the chills, and Englishby's score for this show made me fall in love with it all the more. There was a small number of tracks released for this show--hence what you're listening to now--but it was just a handpicked selection of highlights from the show. I'll admit I was devastated, but all that is here is absolutely overwhelming. Paul Englishby has overdone himself here. If you're a fan of the music here, you should listen to my soundtrack for The Night Manager a fellow television show on a completely different planet. No, I mean... like how Life on Mars is on another planet... a figure of speech! Anyway, yes, Victor Reyes did the soundtrack for this one and it's quite a bit similar to this. It is linked just below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7LX2... You may also appreciate my short Layer Cake medley, with music from Ilan Eshkeri and two other composers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHYlJ... [TRACKLIST] Carnage / The Children / John Luther / Unlucky Young People / Alice / The First Case / Attack in the Attic / Double Crossed [TIMECODES] 00:00 - 01:50 = Carnage 01:29 - 03:25 = John Luther 03:22 - 04:50 = Unlucky Young People 03:25 - 04:55 = (cont.) John Luther 04:40 - 06:11 = Alice 05:24 - 07:14 = The First Case 06:58 - 07:38 = Attack in the Attic 07:37 - 09:25 = (cont.) Unlucky Young Couple 08:43 - 09:23 = (cont.) Attack in the Attic 08:48 - 09:28 = (cont.) Attack in the Attic 09:14 - 09:58 = Double Crossed 09:50 - 10:35 = (cont.) Alice 10:24 - 13:50 = The Children If you feel inclined to share your thoughts, suggestions and/or queries you are very welcome to do so below. I'd also appreciate a rating be it negative or positive if you can spare me the extra time and effort. I hope you can enjoy my work here, thank you so very much! * * * [DISCLAIMER] Although I'm the one to have made this medley, the credit for the compositions featured within goes all to Paul Englishby. I've left some links below for you to learn a bit more about him if you'd like to. (Paul Englishby) ▶en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Englishbywww.englishby.com/ Luther was show created by the BBC, and I've left a number of links for you to read into it further. ▶en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luther_(TV_series) ▶www.imdb.com/title/tt1474684/ You can listen to the individual tracks on Spotify for free by following this address. ▶open.spotify.com/album/7koo9RvC3ttQ3DAPasiR7v If you're at all interested in some more of Englishby's work, have a look into the following things. Again, you really have to watch these things to experience his work a lot of the time, but it's really quite worth it. I've labeled which each is accordingly. (The Worricker Trilogy) ▶en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Page_Eight Begin with this film, and the two following installments in the Worricker trilogy follow on and can be seen too on that Wiki page. (The Musketeers) ▶en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Musketeers This is another Television series, like Luther. * * *


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