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Title:A Close Shave for Duck RS-US Remake V2

After being framed by Diesel for telling lies about the big engines to the freight cars, Duck sadly goes to Wellsworth station and tells Edward about what has happened. Edward assures Duck that Sir Topham Hatt will get to the bottom of this mess and suggests helping him with his goods train, which cheers Duck up. The two engines work hard all afternoon to make the cars behave while taking them up Gordon's Hill. Once at the top, Duck says goodbye to Edward and heads back to the station. As he coasts down the hill, enjoying the breeze, Duck suddenly hears a conductor's whistle. The conductor has been knocked out of his van, as Edward's cars have broken away and race towards Duck at breakneck speed, intending to run him off the rails. Duck hurries down the main line, trying his hardest to outrun the cars, but they gradually catch up to him on the viaduct and begin pushing against him. Just as they are starting to regain control, Duck and his driver see James on the same track, pulling a passenger train out of Crosby Station. Duck puts all of his weight against the cars, but is unable to stop. He prepares for the worst, but he gets diverted onto a siding at the last second after being slowed down long enough for James and his coaches to clear the platform and points. At the end of the siding is a small barbershop. As the barber is giving a man a shave, Duck is pushed by the cars into the end of the siding, comes off the rails, and crashes right into the front of the shop, destroying the wall. Some of the cars derail as well, but pay no attention to this, feeling rather pleased with themselves having successfully derailed Duck. As Duck stares nervously at the crowd in front of him, he tries to apologize, but the barber is furious with Duck for frightening his customers, and firmly covers his face with shaving cream. Poor Duck. Soon, Thomas arrives to help clear the mess, while Sir Topham Hatt arrives on scene and comes in to speak with the barber, who is still fuming. And while Sir Topham Hatt can understand the barber's feelings about the whole ordeal, he explains that Duck and his crew helped to prevent a much larger accident with James, adding that it was a "very close shave." The barber quickly washes the cream off of Duck's face and apologizes for misjudging him. After the cars have been pulled away, Thomas pulls Duck out of the wrecked barbershop, and Sir Topham Hatt informs the Great Western engine that he will be returning to the yard once he is properly washed and mended. Duck is worried, believing that the big engines still hate him but Sir Topham Hatt replies that he never believed Diesel for a moment and sent him back to the other railway; the other engines are now sorry and want Duck to come back home. A few days later, Duck returns to the shed where the other engines welcome him back with happy whistles, as he proudly takes his place among them as the 8th member of Sir Topham Hatt's railway.


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