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Title:Family Tree of the Sith Lords - (All Banite Sith Lords) - Star Wars

After the disastrous Battle of Ruusan the Sith Order was completely wiped, with the Jedi claiming what they believed to be the final blow against the Sith… But they were wrong. One man, known as Darth Bane was the sole survivor of the Battle of Ruusan and devised a new plan to return the Sith to Dominance, the Rule of Two. He knew that the infighting of the Sith was their downfall and from now onwards there should only ever be two. One Master to Hold the power and one Apprentice to crave it… So let’s break entire the entire Family Tree of the Darth Bane line of Sith Lords… Want the FULL Sith Lords family tree in HD? Become a member today: youtube.com/channel/UCVByf1dCwKqMznMtzb6_KCw/join And before the first Sith, I just have to mention this is only Canon information, so there are huge gaps in the line and very light detail around the early years of the Sith, so just be aware! *Number 1. Darth Bane.* Coming from the Outer Rim world of Moraband, which was the ancient Homeworld of the Sith, Darth Bane was born around a thousand years before the Clone Wars. At the time he was born, the Sith Order was almost as numerous as the Jedi Order and sprawled across the Galaxy… Unfortunately for them though, the Sith were often driven by their individual lust for power, and almost always turned against eachother… During his rise to the top of the Sith, Bane realized this reality and believed that it only made them weaker. This belief was confirmed to Bane at the Battle of Ruusan in 1032BBY when this infighting led to the entire destruction of the Sith, leaving him as the sole-survivor. Although it was later discovered that Bane himself had a large hand in organizing the destruction of his own men… But in Canon we don’t yet know how this happened… Realizing that the Old Sith ways were now dead, Darth Bane crafted a new philosophy based on the ancient Sith belief in the Dyad of the Force. Ancient Dark Sider users believed that the Dyad in the Force was a nearly unbreakable bond between two force users which allowed them to share life essence and become stronger as a single unit. Regardless, Bane formed the Rule of Two based on this ancient belief and proclaimed that shall only be a Sith Master and Sith Apprentice, who could only ascend by slaying their master. If they died in the attempt to take the title from their Master, then they simply proved they were not worthy to hold it. He also believed that every time a Sith apprentice killed their Master, the essence of the previous Sith would transfer on, strengthening the killer. The philosphy also stated that the two Sith should remain in the shadows until their power had grown enough to reconquer the Galaxy, and train the apprentice through harsh torture in secret. Eventually Bane fulfilled his own philosophy when he was slain by his own Apprentice, Darth Zannah on the Mid Rim world of Ambria. *Number 2. Darth Zannah* Darth Zannah was the First Sith Apprentice in the Rule of Two doctrine. Not much is known about her in Canon, apart from the fact that she was never detected as a force sensitive child by the Jedi Order, allowing her to be recruited by Darth Bane. After she killed her Master in the Duel on Ambria, she continued on his teachings faithfully and took her own apprentice. This apprentice is still unknown in Canon. *Number 3. Darth Sanguis* *Now Darth Sanguis isn’t the direct apprentice of Darth Zannah, but his position in the timeline is currently unknown, so there is a dotted line between these two. During his time as a Sith Lord, he became obsessed with the hunt for eternal life, specifically with a focus on blood magics and dark sciences. Because of this, he abandoned his apprentice named Darth Noctyss and rushed to Dark planet of Exegol seeking the key to immortality. There he likely discovered the dark science of Blood Alchemy and established a labratory on Exegol.* Eventually his search came to an end, and he discovered a ritual which would finally make him immortal… Unfortunately though, once completed, he was made immortal, but was also turned into a disfigured and wretched crawling creature… He would be stuck like this forever, forced to roam the surface of Exegol. This ties into the next Sith Lord *Number 4. Darth Noctyss* After being abandoned by her Master, Darth Noctyss was furious and she ravaged hundreds of planets in the Outer Rim in hopes of finding exegol without a way finder. Noctyss knew that Sanguis had gone to exegol based on some notes found his labratory back home. She eventually managed to find the ancient Sith world and once she got there she came across a horrid creature, which she didn’t know was actually her long lost master.


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