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Title:Selective Test 2022 Thinking Skills Explanations - Scholarly

0:00 - Intro 0:59 - Questions 1-5 13:28 - Questions 6-10 31:52 - Questions 11-15 46:52 - Questions 16-20 1:03:20 - Questions 21-25 1:19:09 - Questions 26-30 1:31:29 - Questions 31-35 1:43:39 - Questions 36-40 2:01:22 - Debrief of 2022 Thinking Skills Paper If You Want To Discover Your Child's Potential, Register For a Free Diagnostic Test Here: scholarlytraining.com/ ___________________________________________________________________________________ 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO SCHOLARLY'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW 👇 youtube.com/c/Scholarlyprep 💯 Empower your child’s future, Check Out My Website: scholarlytraining.com/reviews/ 💯 Check out my other platforms with LOADS of free materials, questions and information - 1.) 2022 Selective School Test Group (FREE Materials) - www.facebook.com/groups/selectiveschooltest 2.) Selective Program Information - scholarlytraining.com/selective/ 3.) Steve’s Public Speaking Secrets - scholarlytraining.com/public-speaking-courses/ I Started Scholarly Because I Wanted To Change The Tutoring Industry… Having Taught At Various Big-Name Coaching Colleges And Experienced Coaching First-Hand, I Realised That Most Coaching was: 😷Nothing more than a set of questions and timed trial tests. 😷Student results were not based on how much coaching they did. 😷There was barely any teaching I set out on a mission to truly inspire kids to achieve results beyond their wildest dreams. I mean scholarships to schools such as Sydney Grammar, Abbotsleigh, Knox Grammar (schools which would typically cost over $200,000). Entrances to top OC classes such as Beecroft, North Rocks, Matthew Pearce. Entrances to top Selective Schools such as James Ruse, Baulkham Hills, North Sydney Boys/Girls. BUT Not for gifted kids. I wanted to transform ORDINARY kids. I believe ANYONE regardless of ability, academic experience or intelligence can get into a top 10 Selective, OC class or Private School Scholarship and to my expectation, this has happened a multitude of times. The SYSTEM I wanted to create (and have now created) is responsible for transforming ORDINARY children into EXTRAORDINARY SCHOLARS. Want to find out my secret training system? Click here. scholarlytraining.com/reviews/ ★☆★ CONNECT WITH STEVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ YouTube: youtube.com/c/Scholarlyprep Scholarly Blog: scholarlytraining.com/blog/ Scholarly Website: scholarlytraining.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/stevescholarly Instagram: www.instagram.com/stevexscholarly/ Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/scholarlytraining/ #SelectiveGuru


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