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Title:klaus mikaelson making iconic threats for 3 minutes straight

There is no better character in the TVDU at making threats than Klaus. He is so good at being bad you fall in love with him, that's a truly hard thing to pull off. Enjoy this compilation of Klaus Mikaelson making iconic threats for 3 minutes! klaus mikaelson making iconic threats for 3 minutes straight #fanvidfeed #theoriginals #tvd #klausmikaelson #viddingisart #legacies (Ignore) TAGS: Klaus Mikaelson,the great evil,mikaelson,elijah mikaelson,the originals,originals,tvd,the vampire diaries,vampire diaries,fanvidfeed,kol mikaelson,esther mikaelson,finn mikaelson,henrick mikaelson,stefan salvatore,damon salvatore,salvatore brothers,mikaelson brothers,family is power,1x8,klaus vs marcel,klaus vs marcels army,hybrid,vampire,werewolf,hayley marshall,hope mikaelson,klope,the great evil reaction,klaus redemption,joseph morgan,daniel gilles,danielle campbell,claire holt,ian somerhalder,paul wesley,kat graham,nina dobrev,tvdfan,best moments,vampire diaries funny moments,vampire diaries comic con funny moments,the originals funny moments,the originals comic con funny moments,originals humour,vampire diaries humour,legacies,legacies humour,fights and abilities,klaus fights and abilities,hot,A tribute to Klaus Mikaelson,badass,klaus hot,klaus badass,damon badass,damon humour,damon hot,every king needs an heir,the originals season 1,the originals season 2,the originals season 3,the originals season 4,the originals season 5,klaroline,klamille,haylijah,little wolf,littlest wolf,hayley dies,klaus and elijah die,screaming rebekah,dahlia,klaus and caroline,klaus and,camille,klaus and elijah,klayley,klaus and hope,klaus and hayley,hayley and elijah,kolvina,kol and davina,stefan and klaus,damon and klaus,top klaroline moments,top klamille moments,klaus mikaelson radioactive,the originals radioactive,the vampire diaries radioactive,Whats worth dying for if not love,vampire diaries radioactive,originals radioactive,damon radioactive,the originals shall we,the great evil,daddy negan,klaus heathens,the originals heroes,klaus mikaelson edit,sony vegas pro edit,julie plec,damon and elena kiss,damon and elena sex scene,stefan and elena kiss,klaus and caroline sex,vampire diares finale,the orignals finale,klaus and elijah die,stefan and,damon tribute,klaus mikaelson the great evil,klaus fights,klaus abilities,klaus fights the originals,klaus fights and abilties the vampire diaries,the vampire diaries klaus fights and abilities,the originals klaus fights and abilities,damon and klaus,damon and klaus scenes,klaus and damon,klaus and damon scenes,vampire diaries damon and klaus,damon and klaus edits,klaus and damon edits,the mikaelsons,the mikaelsons blood in the water,klaus blood in the water,klaus mikaelson blood in the water,elijah mikaelson blood in the water,elijah paint it black,elijah mikaelson paint it black,damon logoless,damon salvatore logoless,damon edit,damon edits,damon salvatore edit,damon salvatore edits,elijah mikaelson scenes, elijah mikaelson logoless,elijah mikaelson hot,elijah mikaelson tik tok,elijah mikaelson edit,elijah mikaelson edits,the originals flahsback,the originals flashbacks,klaus flashback,klaus mikaelson flashbacks,rebekah mikaelson logoless,kol mikaelson logoless,legacies promo,legacies 3x,hope mikaelson,malivore,legacies malivore,hope and landon,landon and hope,klaus and hope,klope,klaylope,klaus playdate,klaus mikaelson best lines,neeeklaus,davina,davina claire,marcel,marcel gerard,freya,freya mikaelson,tribrid,hope tribrid,hope mikaelson tribrid,new orleans,huge scenepack,1080p,logoless,legacies season 3,legacies lizze,legacies josie,caroline dress,


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