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Title:Heavenly Music 🎻 Relaxing Instrumental 🎻 Soothing Violin and Cello Music

Let your ears and eyes be relaxed as you listen to our heavenly music created by the soothing violin, cello and piano called, "Calming Strings of the Lake." People are using this relaxing instrumental as prayer, studying and music to relax to. Please let us know what you are using this heavenly violin and cello music for in the comments below.

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We licensed all the clips and images used in "Calming Strings of the Lake" When waters ripple, they remind us of the relaxing vibrations string instruments provide. The 4k lake video together with the heavenly piano, cello and violin provides a beautiful ambience. We hope you enjoy while your body is calmed.

Our heavenly music instrumental, like this calming violin and cello piece, is created by Christians who want to spread peace, love, kindness and joy around the world. Please join us. Have a blessed day.

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