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Title:Partap Kickstarter- Three Brothers. One Musical Journey | We have Launched!

#kickstarter #trailer #partap #documentary #live Kickstarter Link: www.kickstarter.com/projects/partap/partap-three-b… “Partap” is a documentary series that follows a four-decade story of Indian Classical music artists, The Partap Brothers. Global music ambassadors originally from India, brothers Davinder, Mohinder, and Ravinder are amongst the country's most celebrated musicians, credited with the preservation and resurgence of Indian classical music; notably, Puratan Gurmat Sangeet. Often considered outsiders in multiple communities — criticized, adored, revered and even despised — this story is about how these three brothers refused to live up to the “immigrant” ideal both inside and outside their community, carrying the torch of a forgotten artform on the global stage. Even amidst the pressures of being first generation immigrants in an increasingly complex world, the brothers forever held on to their art but most importantly their originality. Each episode of this music docu series takes us on a journey of their lives, exploring the unwavering bonds of a brotherhood in the face of international fame, culture clash, and life’s myriad challenges—an irreverent family’s immigrant story told through the power of music. Inspiring an entire generation of Sikhi throughout the world. Unabashedly themselves, The Partap Brothers were polarizing, irreverent figures throughout their lives and careers. From burgeoning musicians in India—where they were idolized by young people and critiqued by contemporaries —to navigating life as immigrants in traditional garb in post 9/11 America, they were worshiped yet outsiders, from India to life in the states. Armed with their distinct compositions, forgotten sur and taals infused raags, and onstage chemistry, the brothers amassed a reputation of diehard fans that enjoyed their unabashed and controversial personalities. What fans loved the most was their complex way of communicating, their magnetic presence and humor resonated both on stage and in their personal lives. Mohinder and Davinder in particular shared an incredible dynamic and devotion. This was evident in their mesmerizing performances through vocals, violin, and tabla. Their chemistry onstage was unmatched, they were soulmates and best friends, with a legendary connection. Traveling India, The UK, North America, Australia, Thailand, and Singapore, this is a world story of art to the masses. The brothers were progressive in nature, spreading their Kirtan around the world before they chased the American ideal, touching the hearts of millions pre-social media. The brothers spent years in North America and Europe, in the ’70s and ’80s, with their trademark turbans, beards, mandarin suits, silk Kurtas, and bellbottoms: absolute rock stars in every aspect. Fans followed them everywhere spreading their legend within tight-knit South Asian communities. They spent their entire lives with each other every day, performing for one common cause: to put all differences aside for the greater good. Then, there were hard times. When told by a top executive in the Bollywood music industry that they would need to take off their turbans and cut their hair to stand a chance in the industry, the brothers refused. The three brothers always put aside personal hopes and dreams to put the collective group first. This loss of individualism caused resentments and tensions but only added to their growing legend. Their struggles were amplified by a shifting music industry, emerging internet, and social media age, health issues, and financial instability. Ironically, thanks to social media, The Partap Brothers eventually reignited their fan base through live performances, world tours, Facebook, Instagram, and youtube content, garnering millions of views, and winning the hearts of millions again. From early life as Sikhs in India to achieving global fame to falling off the map in the rise of the digital era, only to have the brotherhood come full circle later in life and reclaim their music, identity, and prolific presence in the international music scene — this is Partap. Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to our YouTube: https:/channel/UCPR6M9vB8efGkGk68TEmgcw ► Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/partapbrothers ► Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/partapbrothers ► Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/partapbrothers/?hl=en ► Follow us on Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3QdxhyP5EBwJ5pOeQjahb0?si=…


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