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Title:【Nightcore】→ PLAY (Alan Walker, K-391) ft. Tungevaag, Mangoo || Lyrics

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✔ Lyrics:

We used to hide under the covers
Serenade each other
With careless melodies
Something buried deep inside us
The major and the minor
We’re like piano keys
You played for me
You played for me, oooh
You played for me

I swear it even in my sleep
I hear it like the memory
Of everything we used to be
You played for me

We couldn’t stop the world from turning
It was like a whirlwind, scattered us like leaves
But i’m stuck inside a feeling
The song that never leaves we were like a symphony
You played for me
You played for me, oooh
You played for me

I swear it even in my sleep
I hear it like the memory
Of everything we used to be
You played for me

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