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Title:5. Kun je het verleden helen als je de universele wet van vertrouwen gebruikt? Een tijdslijn healing

Can you heal the past if you use the universal law of trust? If the origin of this life lesson is in the spiritual, it is helpful to solve it there and that is exactly what we are going to do for you. Who are we? I am Holistic Hellen, I am a Dutch Holistic healer, living in Switzerland. I work a lot with the angels of the higher laws and have been trained in group distance healings since 2005.

Sunday is the day again, you can participate for free in this guided healing session, which will premiere via Youtube at 10 o'clock in the morning. During the premiere you can ask me questions live by chat. The video is in English. Do not you speak English? Don't worry, this video has subtitles available in at least 30 languages. Be aware of some minor translation errors, it is translated by Lingoblaster software in just a few clicks.

During this guided healing session, you will be taken through a number of steps by the angels who will perform the specific healing steps. For example, under the guidance of the law of grace, a ritual will be performed for dissolving and receiving karma completion for any misuse of magic from your past, the past in this lifetime, or during your past lifetimes.

Furthermore, the healing possibilities with the universal higher law of trust are played with. A.o. by letting it symbolize and embody the universal law of trust somewhere in your personal space. As for example in your foot chakras and also by allowing the symbol of the law of trust to zoom through your timeline, touching all existence fears and deeply transforming many fears through the deep knowing of the law of trust.

Available websites:
International Home Healing: https://createyoursafespace.com /
Blogs and Vlogs: https://holistichellen.com/
Make an appointment with Holistic Hellen:

The man talking about the energy outlook is Lee Harris:

The funniest guy I know can be found here:

I am "Holistic Hellen", I am a Dutch holistic healer, living in Switzerland. I have been trained in remote group healings since 2005. I offer this guided healing session for free to both the YouTube and Facebook community. This as my contribution to the situation we are all in worldwide. Through which we collectively worldwide, regardless of race or religion, make a great leap in our personal and spiritual growth and evolution. I was spiritually awakened in 1999 and what I have had to learn that you better learn from the best and they are not always the best known gurus. It is up to you to determine if these guided healing sessions are right for you and if they move the necessary within you. See if it fits into your current phase of your life. Regardless of whether this is referred to as spiritual awakening or simply wanting to deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

Topic-focused-guided-healing-sessions as well as home-healing sessions are regularly posted on this YouTube channel. Every two weeks on Sunday, at 10 am CET.
This is a pleasant way to get used to my way of working. I focus on different healing tools, at the same time, for the most beneficial and optimal results for you. You can watch these videos without paying my Swiss rates. These free sessions on YouTube do not entitle you to unpaid free aftercare from me. Also, these videos represent my personal experience and my personal experiences that I am talking to the spiritual and angelic authorities, if you have any profound mental or emotional issues, I recommend that you consult your local physician. If you want to qualify for aftercare, you can use the Calendly app on my websites to make an appointment with me.

To receive VIP guidance, you can request this via the Calendly app, where we will see in an online conversation whether we are suitable to work together. This applies to both the home healing programs that I offer, as well as the private healing sessions.


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