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Title:Jerry Lee Lewis Dark Side!

visualguidanceltd.blogspot.com/2010/11/jerry-lee-l… Before Mike Judge made them cartoons, this documentary explored the life of Jerry Lee Lewis by people and family who knew him best: little sister, Linda Gail Lewis​ (i produced her first solo record in 15 years, International Affair 1991), and unbowed, relentlessly-crucified, Myra Lewis Williams - first Rock 'n' Roll woman, who, not unlike Traci Lords, nearly annihilated the entire music industry - innocently laying waste to the Killer's career for years - and the only reason Jerry Lee is alive today. Clips borrow heavily from Tony Palmer's ultimate depiction of the Killer on his Golgotha. You can see him and sister, Linda Gail, sing "Speak A Little Louder To Us Jesus," thanks to Tony Palmer - British documentarian, without compare, who committed to an ambitious project. He planned, in 1976, a book that would tell the history of popular music (ALL OF IT) -- All You Need Is Love (John Lennon told him it would be a great title). The book never came to be, but through the contacts of Lennon, Palmer with the BBC, produced the largest Rock Documentary of the last thirty years. Here, Palmer talks about shooting images of Jerry Lee Lewis for what would be, All you need is love (Episode Thirteen: Hail! Hail! ROCK 'N' ROLL): "When I went to interview Jerry Lee Lewis in Las Vegas, he wasn't performing on a stage, or even a riser, but in the entrance of the Holiday Inn. All you need is love was released in 1977 (don't forget, a program paying tribute to legendary architects of Rock was more than controversial, it was not considered pertinent). And only because of him do we witness performances such as this, featuring iconic figures blowing through the fucked-up, lean days of disfavor, caution to the wind, for the ultimate exhibition of their art form--unmuddied, undiluted, and undiminished by their plight. Episode 1 begins with the distorted, over-amped, amphetamine-fueled face of 'The Killer,' as you'll never see him again; looming, red-faced, in a fish-eyed, demonic visage, where it sees him through until Episode 13, in interviews, sodden in whiskey-soaked pill-pride. AYNIL was released on DVD in 2008, to no fanfare, much less mention. Jerry Lee Lewis - ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE COMPLETE - dai.ly/x8qeda Personal Quotes [on his being a breech birth] "I was born feet first, and I've been jumpin' ever since." If I'm going to Hell, I'm going there to play on a piano! [on Ray Charles] "What a great guy he was. Every time I saw him, I would say, 'Ray, this is Jerry Lee, how you doing?' And he would say, 'Well, you looking good, Jerry Lee.' He always said that. He was one of my best friends." [How he got the nickname Killer]: I got the name when I was about 15 years old: I was leaving the schoolhouse, and Cecil Harrelson said, 'Well, I'll see you later, Killer' - and I said, 'OK, I'll meet you at the pool hall!' We both got suspended that day - two weeks apiece, and we didn't even know each other - we'd just met. I was fighting with a teacher, he was fighting with a teacher, and so we figured we'd call ourselves Killer. And that's how it got started. I never considered myself the greatest, but I'm the best. mrjyn Produced Linda Gail Lewis record, played Buddy Holly, GBOF, retired (over 100) club, National Enquirer photog and I watched Jerry and Kerrie's backyard wedding from roof and partied till dawn at Hernandos. Popped tabloid cherry by selling original Jerry Lee mugshot and arrest report from Elvis "assassination attempt." Front row for Fats and Friends. karate chopped by Killer, New Year's Eve, Ritz, 198?, after he saw my girlfriend and said, "Git rid of him, and we'll make love." Interests: jerry lee lewis, linda gail lewis, frankie jean lewis, myra gail lewis, killer, chiller, International Affair, Hernandos Hideaway, Bonnie Bakley, K.K., Pumpkin, Jaren, Sean jerry-lee-lewis.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=view… Jerry Lee Lewis KING KONG KILLER ROCK 'N' ROLL! - dai.ly/xaek7h Share this video - Jerry Lee Lewis Dark Side! - youtu.be/IgsxXnvL3gE


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