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Title:ASMR Meticulously Patching You Up | Space Colony Medical Officer | Taking Care of You 🩺🚀

Go to www.casetify.com/collections/top-picks-collection?… to save 15% off your order!! Hello everyone! First of all, THANK YOU FOR 200K!!! It means so much :) I hope you all enjoy this sci fi asmr healing you, taking care of you, patching you up sort of video :) 0:00 Intro/ THANK YOU! 2:51 Decontamination 3:34 Scanning you for life-forms/ Tuning Fork 5:42 Story/ Examining your wound 6:46 Towel Wipes 8:03 Steralize wound area 10:02 Checking your neck and shoulders 12:51 Quick Eye Exam/ Questioning You 15:47 Applying Cream 1 17:42 Applying Cream 2 19:36 Pat pat pat pat 21:39 Curing the solution 22:46 Examining face 24:00 Metal tools to pick out debris 29:54 Crinkly velcro material to seal wound 32:54 Bandage 2/ Cutting and Applying 36:25 Get some rest and recover! Doctors orders! TikTok: @AmyKayASMR & @AmyKayASMRFast Instagram: AmyKayASMR Twitter: AmyKayASMR Become a Patron to help fund all my props and costumes! :) www.patreon.com/amykayasmr Thank you to all my Patrons!! 5+ Curious Bowser, Alas K., Alejandro E., Andy A., Angj, Apollo, Aria N., Bear, Bill T., Brandon F., BraveVesperia, Brendan M., Caleb L., Cassandra, Chancellor Martok, Chawmander, Chimeraelite, Cryptoskunks, Dan, Dana H., Dancingpanda, Daniel B., Daniel L., Daniel M., Darin R., Deanna S., Deendra L., Delaney, Dense Mass, dz.crasher, Eero H., Erik, Esgaroth, Fabian W., Fabio D., Garage, George, Hadley M., Hawkeye Pierce, Jack B., Jacob C., Jacquelyn W., James B., James W., Jan P., Jeffrey K., Jk, Joel Y., John F., Jordan L., jornations, Kevin D., Lizzon, Lock, Mansour A., Marco V., Miguel G., Mingy, Mr. Pendulum, Nikita S., Ondarian ASMR, Ontosho, Paddy W., Patrick H., Rafal K., Richie C., Rick G., Rob T., Sabrina H., SashaTheRed, shawn, Silurian King, SnoopsBSM, Sophia K., Stayton A., SteadiestRhyme, Sterling F., Sulky, ThatOneEngie, TheRagingSkwrl, Vector Knight, Vidar, Viktor C., Viktor M., Will C., Will P., Yoriz, Zade 1+ Aaron A., Adam B., AL UK, Alex B., Alexander A., Anahí, Andre C., andre159, Andrew L., Antikrass, ASMR Musings, Bao Ha, Bearded Audio ASMR, Bertholet, Bradley S., Brandon J., Brianna R., Buzzn Frogg, Carl, Catherine C., Charles B., Chris H., Chris M., Christian N., Colleen B., Daniel, David E., David L., Elad A., Elias G., FatCat3441, Finnegan M., Frank D., gabriel, Gary H., Glenn H., Gustaf, Ian M., Inzayn, J jamerson, Jackson, James J., Javier, Jay J., Jess, John G., Joshua E., Just call me AJ, Just Jack, Justin M., Kavisánszki I., Kevin B., Kevin S., Kristen R., Kyle, Lahar, Liefy Greens, Lieutenant Walrus, Lima M., Lucas L., Lucysoft, malia j., Marco S., Mare B., Matt E., Max A., Memomeister, Mendrael, Merry, Michael M., MisterOOps, Mundilfari, Nadir, Nick K., Nicolas, Nubia J., Owen L., p, Philip M., pix, PJR, Rex9460, Robert M., Ronald C., roundone9, RunnyMonkey, Saida, Samwise, Sarah B., Sarah L., Scott M., sommite, Steven S., Stilche, Stryk R., SweetrollDealer, TrueFool, Wingblade, Wubba Lubba dub dub, Xekcep, Yamil T., Zukhov


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