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Title:Who I Am● Villain Backstory MEP (Vol.2)

HD please Happy Halloween!!! I can´t believe I could be able to do 2 insane volumes and I couldn´t do it without the talented editors that took a part, for that I thank you all for your effort to make this amazing collab. I am so blown away by the impact this theme made on people I always imagine how villains turned evil and if we were looking for them in the wrong point of view. We always see the good side and not the evil one just because they don´t have their own backstory and that made me think "what if" they were actually good in the past and something or someone made them turn. What inspired me to open this project was the curiosity about Captain hook, who was he, how did he end up in Neverland and how he is so old when in Neverland you can´t age. Thank you again to all your comments and open mind to receive this possible side of their story I had so much fun reading all your thoughts! ^^ Sadly volume 3 won´t be possible since I already had difficulty to find backups for volume 2, but still you have 2 outstanding volumes to watch on repeat xP THANK YOU ALL!! Note: I noticed some confusion between the 2 Aladdins, the stories are different the editors just used the same character because they both saw that Aladdin fit with their younger villain. PARTS: Part 1:RedKujaku88-Helga(Eilonwy) Part 2:Virgins-Lady Tremaine(Odette) Part 3:Grumpyblues-Frollo(Aladdin) Part 4:Var Roman-Rasputin(Proteus) Part 5:WCRfan126-Facillier(Aladdin) Part 6:Rohans Daughter-Shan yu(Kenai) Part 7: Animefreaknya-Maleficent(Narissa)


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