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Title:Summer Morning Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Calm Piano Jazz Music for Study, Work, Good Mood

Summer Morning Coffee Shop Ambience with Relaxing Calm Piano Jazz Music for Study, Work, Good Mood 🍀 Good morning friends ^^ 🎀 I really enjoy the tunes of jazz piano music and hot cups of coffee next to it. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often miss this. So my hobby is creating videos that help you study, improve your mood, relax and sleep easily. 🌹 It took me 8 hours to be able to create the videos of the cozy book cafe environment (all original artwork, images, sound mix) to ensure the highest quality video and the most creative I can do. It's my work of love and if you like my work and art, please consider supporting in one of the following ways: 👇 🎼 | Our tones are released at Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, Amazon Music » Spotify | open.spotify.com/artist/5sowIZz4oCttQZR1l24pRn » iTunes I music.apple.com/vn/artist/tom-media/1596349308 » Deezer I www.deezer.com/fr/artist/151867832 » Amazon Music I music.amazon.com/artists/B09M7PVF3R/tom-media 🎼 | How I make my Coffee Shop videos [3D Concept + Photoshop + After Effects] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dr4eF... 🌺 Another summer is coming. Summer walk from house to house. Summer comes on every familiar street and corner. Summer blooms in every morning flower. Summer comes to everyone's eyes, lips, and happy eyes. Summer, the season of beginnings, the season of love, but sometimes also the season of remembrance. 🌹 There are some people who absolutely love the atmosphere of the Jazz cafe, there are some people who especially like the large glass windows to see what the weather is like that day. What you will find in a cafe with soft Jazz music. Not just a delicious drink, or a large glass window or the smell of deep brown wood. But most of all, people love the wonderful space here, the open space in a corner of the shop in the fresh and poetic spring morning. The street is filled with flowers and birdsong. Here, looking at that scene is so poetic, all are attracted by the freshness under the clear blue sky outside. 🎼 Along with that great atmosphere, it is indispensable for the gentle melodies of Jazz music. The notes are still constantly flying and melodious in its own right. Jazz music will make you fall in love and sob with each melody. Today will be a great day for you. 📍 These are the wonderful creations of Cozy Coffee Shop. Hopefully, it will help you feel interesting and can especially help you relieve stress and fatigue in life. 🌈 Cozy Coffee Shop - where gentle Jazz music is the bridge between your heart and us. We will understand your heart better, listen to what your heart tells us. We will always accompany your feelings. Music will change the thoughts and feelings that we want to send to you. THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥️ ♥ ️ ➡️ Please Sign Up! ☕ Cozy Coffee Shop ➡️ Band produced by Cozy Coffee Shop ➡️ Nice to see you again on my Cozy Coffee Shop channel 😍 🎼 The video playing is a 3D book cafe space combined with soft smooth melodies of our exclusive Jazz music, only available at Cozy Coffee Shop! Visit our channel to enjoy the ultimate comfort and ergonomics that comes from images and sounds. Please visit Cozy Coffee Shop to experience it! Thank you for everything ♥ 👉 Both the cozy coffee space and the best music for the cafe are created by us. It is relaxing jazz music and ASMR fireplace crackling, rain falling ..... They have the effect of reducing stress, fatigue and increasing concentration. Enjoy this smooth jazz music and listen to Jazz music in the musical atmosphere of the cafe.This cafe atmosphere is perfect to improve your sleep, concentration, work or concentration. This video is 8 hours long to help study, work or sleep all night without interruption. 📜 Cozy Coffee Shop is an internet-based music brand where you can find relaxing original Jazz Music to support you to relax, study, work, sleep well, relieve stress, feel refreshed gentle and those things will help you calm down, your mental state as well as help you be creative and effective in work and study. ️ 💕If you like jazz tunes and all the other book cafe spaces on our channel please like, comment, subscribe and share it with your friends ♥️ ♥ ️ ◢ Follow EMVN Music on : ★ emvn.sourceaudio.com/ ◢ Music provided by EMVN Submit your music: emvn.co/submitDemo Contact: network@emvn.co ◢ Follow Melosy Publishing : emvn.fanlink.to/MelosyPublishing ◢ Follow artists: ★VPROD Publishing » Website: musicproducer.vn/ COPYRIGHT: All 3D images and music are owned by Cozy Coffee Shop. Please do not copy! All music in this video and in this channel are our original music. We are playing all the songs. ✉Contact us: coffeeshop.jazzmusic@gmail.com ◢ Share this Mix on social sites (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.) so more people can listen to it! Reuse of audio/video is not allowed. © ️ Created by Cozy Coffee Shop #CoffeeShopBookstore #CoffeeShopMusic #RelaxingJazzMusic ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


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