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Title:आहुँ - बैठहुँ | EP - 01 | The Mountain Girl Mitali Prasad | Magadhi Boys Presents

#AahunBaithahun #MitaliPrasad #TheMountainGirlMitaliPrasad

A graduate from Patna College and a PG from Patna University, Mitali aspires to make it to the highest peak in the world. Mitali has grown closer to her destination in the last one year. After hoisting the tricolor on Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak on 31 March 2019, now on 13 January, the tricolor has been hoisted on Mount Aconcagua(6962 M) , South America’s highest peak.
This is the second time a solo climber has achieved this feat for the second time from India, who won over Aconcagua(6962 M) after Arunima Sinha in 2014. After reaching Mount Aconcagua(6962 M) , Mitali also waved the tricolor and also named Patna University. For Mitali, the climb of Aconcagua(6962 M) was also on the ground along with the mountains as the financial crisis was making it difficult.

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Magadhi Boys

Vishwajeet Pratap Singh

Vishwajeet Pratap Singh

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Mitali Prasad
Vishwajeet Pratap Singh
Binay Bharti
Amarjeet Pratap Singh


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