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Title:Father & Son RESTORE 300-year-old Barn.. [80 Day Timelapse]

Toolbelts & Coasters: www.carlrogers.co/ www.patreon.com/carlrogers www.instagram.com/carlroge In 1732 a team of skilled craftspeople built this structure using 3 locally-sourced, natural products: oak, clay and stone. As a testament to the integrity of these materials and the techniques of their trades, the building has more or less survived 4 centuries, witnessing the French occupation; the creation of America; and the invention of concrete, power tools and plywood. But the march of time is rarely kind, and various repairs over the years have resisted - but not repelled - building's oldest enemy... water. A full and proper renovation was long overdue and thanks to this platform, my Dad and I were able to take on this challenge in the Summer of 2020, filming every step of the journey. However this is not a restoration in the truest sense of the word. Triangular rafters would have been laughed at in 1732, but the accuracy and versatility of modern sawmills and bandsaws meant we could try something that addresses some of the inherent weaknesses in a roof designed before the advent of electricity, and - dare I say - improve it. A huge thankyou to Festool UK for envisioning and supporting the project from the start (using some of their gear definitely shaved a couple of weeks off), and to the incredibly generous patrons. Want more of this content?.... Subscribe! :) Tool talk: Sword Saw: bit.ly/3h6dAAl Chop Saw: bit.ly/3kXn9mn Underframe for Chop Saw: bit.ly/2X1036j 85mm Circular Saw: bit.ly/3DTa2Lq 55mm Track Saw: bit.ly/3n89Uly Impact Driver: bit.ly/3kVJalj Drill: bit.ly/3BM7MDX Hammer Drill: bit.ly/2YxyQIQ Angle Grinder: bit.ly/2YmufJi Ortur CNC Laser Engraver: tinyurl.com/4vraj9ty 00:00 Demolition 03:35 Rebuilding Oak Frame 14:04 Installing New Frame 20:18 Repairing Top Plate 22:25 Repairing Ridge Beams 26:46 Cutting Scarf Joints 34:20 Installing New Purlins 42:28 Pulling Frame Back Together 45:08 Making Rafters at the Sawmill 50:07 Nailing New Rafters 54:24 Cutting Rafter Feet 56:18 New Concrete Ring Beam 56:49 Building Genoise Eaves 1:04:18 Installing Rafter Wedge 1:06:34 First Row of Tiles 1:10:45 Lime Pointing Genoise 1:13:39 3,000 Reclaimed Tiles 1:18:40 Finished! 1:20:40 Sweeping the Roof


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