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Title:Festival celebrates Muslim rite of circumcision

LENGTH: 5:30

AP Television
Ribnovo village, Bulgaria - 6 December 2015
1. Musicians playing zouria and drums, UPSOUND: music
2. A mother and a grandmother preparing baby boy for circumcision ceremony
3. Various of baby boy, eight-month old Dzhemal, on horse with his father, on way to circumcision ceremony
4. SOUNDBITE: (Bulgarian) Dzhemal Kunev, grandfather (of baby being circumcised):
"We have not had such a ceremony for five years or more. These rituals have been becoming more and more rare in recent times. It is difficult in this time of crisis. People do not have money for them. Nobody can tell whether there will be another ceremony and when the next ceremony will be. "
5. Father sitting on horse with baby son
6. SOUNDBITE: (Bulgarian) Dzhemal Kunev, grandfather:
"Our celebration takes four days. On the first day, the men usually prepare for the feast – they bring wood and whatever is needed. On the second day, the women prepare food - cheese, banitsa (savoury pastries) and other food. On the third day, we receive guests at our home and people gather and play. The fourth day is the actual ceremony – we gather in procession and walk around before the circumcision of the boys. There are oil wrestling and running competitions."
7. Young boy on horseback, in traditional dress
8. Drummers arriving at main square, UPSOUND: music
9. Baby Dzhemal Kunev on decorated horse with his father (also called Dzhemal Kunev), UPSOUND: music
10. Spectators gathered in the main square
11. Baby Dzhemal Kunev on decorated horse with his father, drummers walking past, UPSOUND: music
12. Wide of houses in village, people looking down to village
13. Wide of people processing through street
14. Various of procession, UPSOUND: singing
15. Various of imams leading the procession
16. Various of procession walking around recreation ground
17. Various of spectators
18. Regional Mufti Aidun Mohammed addressing the crowd, saying UPSOUND: (Bulgarian) "These traditions keep our faith and demonstrate the religion to which we belong."
19. Baby Dzhemal Kunev on decorated horse with his father
20. Various of baby Dzhemal Kunev and other babies being held on decorated horses
21. Dzhemal Kunev, grandfather of baby Dzhemal Kunev, standing next to decorated horse
22. Various of people standing and praying during ceremony
23. SOUNDBITE: (Bulgarian) Feim Isa, Imam of Ribnovo village:
"You see a very special and important Muslim tradition that we are reviving here and trying to preserve."
24. Oil wrestlers wrestling at the end of ceremony, UPSOUND: music
25. Low angle view of drummers and pipers playing, UPSOUND: music
26. Women wait near outside house where circumcision ceremony is held
27. Woman holding sleeping baby son
28. People waiting outside room where circumcision procedure is carried out
29. Woman laying baby son down on table for circumcision procedure
30. Various of woman comforting the baby as he cries
31. People gathered inside the house
32. Various of people outside the house
A rarely-celebrated Muslim circumcision ceremony has drawn hundreds of people to the village of Ribnovo in southwestern Bulgaria.
They have gathered for a four-day festival of feasting, music and ritual.
The picturesque, yet sleepy village of Ribnovo, nestled high in the Rodopes Mountains, is unusually vibrant during the first week of December.
A rarely-observed four-day Muslim circumcision ritual, called a syunet, has drawn hundreds of people from the southwestern corner of Bulgaria to this tiny village.
Around 50 babies and young boys are to be circumcised.
He will proceed through the village ahead of the ceremony.

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