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Title:Thomas & Friends - Series 2 (1986) Original Version

'Thomas, Percy and the Coal and other stories (SL 1001)' 1987 UK VHS:
THOMAS, PERCY AND THE COAL - Thomas becomes a little too cheeky for his own good. Trucks and coal dust bring disaster - first to Thomas - then to Percy.
COWS - Edward has an accident. Gordon and Henry tease him about it when they learn why, but Edward has the last laugh.
BERTIE'S CHASE - Thomas is late, Edward is impatient and the passengers are cross. Dashing Bertie races to the rescue.
SAVED FROM SCRAP - Trevor the Traction Engine has always worked hard, he is old fashioned and feels unwanted. Edward finds a way to make him useful again.
OLD IRON - James is feeling very proud of himself but when some boys meddle with his controls, he soon learns his lesson.
THOMAS AND TREVOR - Trevor is asked to help Thomas build the Fat Controller's new harbour. At first Thomas has his doubts.
PERCY AND THE SIGNAL - Percy is enjoying playing tricks on the big engines but Gordon and James plan to get the little green engine in trouble.
DUCK TAKES CHARGE - Percy is pleased when a new engine called Duck arrives. The big engines decide to have some fun and cause a disturbance.

'Percy and Harold and other stories and other stories (SL 1002)' 1987 UK VHS:
PERCY AND HAROLD - Harold the helicopter is being a nuisance. He thinks railways are out of date. Percy and his Driver surprise him.
THE RUNAWAY - Duck looks after Annie and Clarabel whilst Thomas is ill. When Thomas returns, the coaches discover that Thomas is still in trouble.
PERCY TAKES THE PLUNGE - Thomas gives Percy a warning about Danger Signs. Percy takes notice and soon learns his mistake.
POP GOES THE DIESEL - Duck orders the big engines about and they are glad when oily Diesel arrives, but Duck has his doubts and the trucks misbehave.
DIRTY WORK - Diesel is sulking and decides to make trouble between Duck and the other engines.
A CLOSE SHAVE - Duck has a chase with runaway trucks and pays a surprise visit to a barber's shop.
BETTER LATE THAN NEVER- The Railway is being repaired. Delays make life difficult for Thomas and his friends.
BREAKVAN - Donald and Douglas are delightfully disorganised twin engines from Scotland, and when they arrive they cause the Fat Controller a great deal of trouble. They are worried that the Fat Controller will order one of them to leave his Railway. A brake van makes matters worse until James helps in a surprising way.

'The Deputation and other stories (SL 1003)' 1987 UK VHS
THE DEPUTATION - When Donald and Douglas come to Henry's rescue, the other engines give the twins their full support.
THOMAS COMES TO BREAKFAST - Thomas is being conceited but when he shows off to Percy and Toby one morning, he finds himself an unwelcome guest in the Stationmaster's house.
DAISY - Thomas is in trouble. The Fat Controller sends for Daisy, a diesel rail-car to help run his Railway. Daisy is spoilt and hard to please - as everyone soon discovers.
PERCY'S PREDICAMENT - Daisy is difficult. Percy is annoyed and Toby tries to help the situation with surprising results.
THE DIESEASEL- Some silly trucks cause trouble between Bill and Ben the tank engine twins and a diesel called BoCo. Confusion reigns until Edward puffs in.
WRONG ROAD - Edward suggests Gordon runs on a branch line for a change. Proud Gordon the main line engine refuses until one day he travels on a branch line by mistake.
EDWARD'S EXPLOIT - Gordon, James and Henry are teasing Edward for being old, but later an accident on an important journey shows just how strong Edward can be.
GHOST TRAIN - Percy tells Thomas and Toby a ghost story. Thomas laughs it off - at first.
WOOLLY BEAR- Percy enjoys helping at hay-making time, but sometimes he makes Thomas late. Thomas is cross until something happens which makes him most amused.
THOMAS AND THE MISSING CHRISTMAS TREE - The Fat Controller is planning a big celebration, but Thomas goes missing on an important mission. The engines come to his rescue and there is a splendid party after all.

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