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Title:Columbus Ohio trains in the 1950s and early 1960s (plus some Marion)

The transition from steam to diesel in the Columbus area on film. All major railroads in Columbus are shown (B&O, NYC, PRR, C&O, N&W). Royalty free music courtesy bensound.com. Locations: 0:00 - Not sure. Perhaps Grandview. 0:36 - I'm pretty sure this is the trestle at Orient. 1:19 - Riding a fantrip on the NYC East Columbus branch. Your guess is as good as mine as to where the tree tunnel is, but the big elevator is Truro where the train we're riding appears to be backing onto the T&OC/NYC Western Branch, where we will head north. 2:43 - C&O South Columbus depot partially obscured by the PRR boxcar. 2:57 - Scioto River crossing and Scioto Tower/LM Cabin. 3:21 - PRR Yard A. 4:12 - Our train must have gotten on the N&W passenger lead to union station because now we are on the N&W near (and within) Joyce Ave. yard. 4:31 - Given the topography I think this is N&W's Watkins Yard along with a lookover the fan trip we were riding. 5:05 - Now on the C&O headed north/west. Perhaps the signal is the distance signal to Frankfort Street tower. 5:26 - GN Tower. 6:24 - New York Central Xplorer at Miami Crossing. 8:02 - Probably Joyce Ave. 9:50 - Views from the photographer's office in the Leveque Tower. 10:31 - Not sure where this NYC passenger train is. Probably somewhere west of Miami Crossing. 10:40 - Not sure. 11:35 - More views from Leveque Tower. 11:47 - Olentangy tower. 12:51 - Back at the Leveque Tower looking at the vicinity of Scioto Tower. The overpasses are over Broad Street, and the T&OC depot is at the extreme lower left. 14:16 - Unloading the circus train at Grandview Yard (PRR). 15:57 - Now over to the New York Central's Grandview tower. 16:06 - Chillicothe 16:22 - Not Columbus either. I think this is Russell and vicinity. 17:29 - Scioto tower. 17:50 - This I think is from Olentangy in the tower. 17:55 - Olentangy. 18:12 - This cabride isn't Columbus either. I would really like to know where the double track diamond was protected by just a tilting target, and where the rest of these shots are on this fantrip. (This might be a fan trip to Gallipolis on the C&O). 21:05 - Back at Olentangy. 24:10 - Leveque Tower perch. 24:48 - An excerpt from another fan trip visiting a B&O yard I believe is Newark. 25:40 - Olentangy (where else?) 25:56 - Joyce Ave. (not sure where the lineside shot is with the 2300) 28:50 - Leveque Tower. 29:32 - Olentangy. 30:24 - B&O passenger train at GN tower, where they will enter New York Central trackage into Columbus Union Station. 31:16 - I think this is Grandview. 33:16 - Along the N&W and Route 23 near Piketon. 34:50 - Marion very early in Erie-Lackawanna. 38:59 - Probably Parsons Yard in Columbus. 39:22 - Back at Grandview. 38:46 - The General at Kinnear Rd in Columbus. 42:30 - Marion. 43:35 - No clue. Might be the Midland Railway that ran coal from C&O/N&W interchange at Obetz to Commercial Point? 45:42 - Back at Joyce Ave. 49:57 - Commemoration of the 110th anniversary of the first railroad in Columbus.


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