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Title:Making a K-Tip Gyoto Chef’s Knife

Today in the shop we are making a K-Tip Gyuto, or Kiritsuke. This is the Japanese version of a western chef knife, and it's also the second culinary knife I have ever made. The idea for my over all design is based on the Journey knife, and its geometric shape, paired with a natural organic handle. To see that video, follow the link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEjlC... I started with a piece of 1/4" x 2" 1084, which I forged out in the new Sadie Smithy, tapering it to a point first, and then drawing the heal and blade down to get the 2 1/2" height on the blade that I wanted for the design. When the forging was finished, we took it in the shop and profiled it to its final shape with the angle grinder and 2x72. I rough ground the bevels, and heat treated it before moving on to finish grinding down to a Scotch Bright belt finish. I fit up, glued, and pinned the Buffalo Horn with stainless pins. Then I profiled and shaped the handle with a 45 degree bevel on all sides, and worked the horn up to a nice polish on the 2x72 first, and then finished with hand-sanding and buffing with black compound. We finished up with a sharpen, and gave it its first taste of cutting on some tomatoes and a cold cut for lunch. We built this knife as part of a friendly knife making challenge with a super talented group of 9 other YouTube content creators, who all made their own versions of a Guyto Knife. Go check out all of their videos and then vote on who's knife you like the best. Every one of them did a super awesome job and it has been a real treat to form some new friendships with some awesome makers. To vote, follow the link below to the poll which will be live from 6/4/2021 until 6/9/2021 at 12pm. The winner will be released on 6/11/2021 on our Community post. VOTE here: forms.gle/4heKrkYZros7s3hp6 Click on the links below to the channels of all the contestants and give their videos some love. That's what this "Challenge" was all about. YouTube makers spreading the love around with some friendly competition. Contestant Build Videos: @Aleeknives : /channel/UCFH1ZixK1tJ_fmq4Um2Sv1A @Black Beard Projects : /channel/UC8q2GgxOUS_Dzd5KIYeJQIw @Faraway Forge : youtube.com/user/kzinferno @Green Beetle : youtube.com/user/greenbeetlegear @House / Work : youtube.com/user/CaptainHouseFlorida @Red Beard Ops : /channel/UC3kPIyZ5Rb8TQfWNk94kukQ @Sperber- Knives : /channel/UCYgFiVrouzX5OH68ZJuXBWw @The Art of Craftsmanship : /channel/UCQObd2W7coJIAYe-sZmO6ew @The Rivers' Experience : /channel/UCdYgdTzDUMUYlqbJOiyVLQg @Tyrell Knifeworks : /channel/UCCpTqqf9_tHyF6A-yrnYytw #aleeknives #blackbeardprojects #greenbeetle #housework #redbeardops #sperberknives #theartofcraftsmanship #theriversexperience #tyrellknifeworks #farawayforge #gyutochallenge #knifemaking Check out our podcast, The Art of Craftsmanship, on the Makery Network, where we talk about making things, shop tips, fun stories, and YouTube content creation here... www.makery.network/show/the-art-of-craftmanship/ Follow us on Instagram @theartofcraftsmanship and @theartofcameraguy to see what’s happening in the shop on a daily basis, and catch sneak peeks of our up coming videos. To those of you who feel like you got something special from our videos and want to know how you can support us further, check out our Patreon page here... www.patreon.com/theartofcraftsmanship


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