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Title:ACID EYE 360 VR - Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal Trip 4K - LSD DMT Mushroom Ayahuasca

360° VR 4K Deep Dream Fractal animation made by Schizo - http://www.psykick.de featuring fantastic music by Dhamika. Addition VFX by Mischlichter.
Made for fractalforums.com Annual Fractal Art Contest 2017
Mandelbulb 3D meets google Deep Dream

Use your Cardboard, Oculus Rift or other preferred virtual reality device to dive deep into this psychedelic deep dreamed 3D fractal star and feel it all around you. Use clicked mouse, WASD-keys or navigation wheel when viewed on monitor or move your phone.

Visualizing a psychedelic experience you can get with LSD , DMT or Mushrooms to its full detail is really hard, but I hope this video can give an impression on these inner worlds.

To enjoy in full detail with less compression artefacts download a high quality version at WEARVR:
VeeR VR also hosts this video in better quality:
Vimeo version available here:
SamsungVR version available her:

Addition VFX by Mischlichter: https://www.youtube.com/user/funkybro...
Thank you Alex for the great warping, colorization, beat detection and the eternal light :-)

Music: Track "Eliya" by Dhamika. Taken from the wonderful chillout "Eliya EP" released 2016.
Check out and buy the record at bandcamp: https://dhamikamusic.bandcamp.com/alb...
All releases by Dhamika at bandcamp: https://dhamikamusic.bandcamp.com/music
Visit Dhamika at soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dhamika

Fractal Animation: rendered in 4K Ultra HD 2160p with Mandelbulb 3D V1.89 - http://www.fractalforums.com

About the google Deep Dream:
I always wanted to run a deep dream algorithm over one of my fractal animations to make it more trippy. But I thought: When you want to do it, then do it right!
So I didn't choose a normal animation as the fractal source but I used a 4K 360° fractal as the source animation.
That wasn't easy and took a lot of experiments and programming in python.
Problems I had to solve:
- rendering 4K images via CPU is too slow - solution: use google deep dream with CUDA support so my GeForce GTX 970 could do the work much faster
- deep dreaming of 4K images wasn't possible because of memory problems (neural networks need a lot of RAM) - solution: for the final 4K dreaming do a lot of randomly selected 400x400 pixel dream squares
- keep also the fine 4K dream details stable during the animation so it doesn't flicker so much - solution: do some additional blending at the right time
- use various deep dream inception modes but blend them smoothly - solution: start the dreaming of the second animation already based on a fading sequence from the first animation and do some addition blending
- we have a 360° video so dream at left side should match to dream at right side - solution: copy a left stripe to the right and a right stripe to the left, dream and crop to original size
- we have a 360° video but you can't dream top and bottom correct - solution: blend top and bottom to black
I did a much more detailed tutorial with the complete python code: You can views an download the tutorial here: http://www.psykick.de/deepdream_fract...

Buy my 3D and 2D fractal art prints and poster at:

Check all my 3D fractal images at my deviantART channel:

More fractal art trips and other psychedelic stuff at:

Enjoy your Psychedelic Deep Dream Fractal Trip


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