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Title:Cox's bazar sea beach walk । কক্সবাজার সমুদ্র সৈকতে হাটা । Sea beach vlog walk । 2018 2Million views

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach walk the Beautiful Hot & Sexy beach vlog
in 2018 -2 million views.
cox's bazar Sea Beach - (cox bazar/কক্সবাজার/koxbazar) One of the longest unbroken golden sandy beach in the world. This area of the bay of bengal is free from shark, which make cox's bazar sea beach as one of the most safest sea bathing beach in the world. If you are looking for a good place to relax, chill as well as have fun with friends and family, this place has it all. High and safe sea wave. Must do the sea bath. Come with family and friends. Book a good hotel near beach. Foods are good. Must do other activities.This place is amazing when you arrive to the beach you forget that you are in coxbazar and it’s chaos. Bangladesh holds the record of having the world’s longest natural sandy beach in Cox's Bazaar, which is an almost 200 km long unbroken stretch of sandy beach! Cox's Bazaar beach together with St. Martins Island and Sundarban Jungle is one of the top destinations for tourists in Bangladesh. Close to the beach there are lots of good hotels and five star hotels as well as resorts like Mermaid Beach resort, Mermaid Eco resort, etc. You will find some of the best places for Bengali sea food here. Despite the crowds during peak season, Cox's Bazaar has a lot to offer to tourists such as street food, culture, lovely beach, beach hotels, beach concerts, infinity pool and magnificent sunsets. There are many hawkers where you can buy food and drinks. You can taste local fish fries and sea food at the lowest price here. Try surfing, jet skiing/water scooter and parasailing. Ride on a beach buggy or even a horse! All this at a very low cost. Just don't forget to bargain in Bengali! During off-peak season, you can enjoy the wave, sand, playing soccer, surfing, swimming or just have a leisure day reclining on the sand from sunrise to sunset. Don't forget to take your deck chairs to the beach! Just see and feel the waves, the peace and serenity. Nearby you can observe coral stones in Inani Beach or visit the streams in Himachari Hills. Don't forget to visit Moheshkhali Island with its ancient pagoda. Try to go the local way if you are a backpacker. If you travel by road from Chittagong or the city, you will love the view along the way. To fly from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazaar or Chittagong to Cox’s Bazaar, take one of the regular domestic flights with local airlines such as Regent Airlines, United Airlines, Novo Air, US-Bangla Airlines or even Biman. You can also take the train. Just Google “Bangladesh Railway” to get the official website, where you can find ticket prices, check train schedules, etc. The local people are very nice and friendly and if you manage to communicate in Bengali, they will go out of their way to help you. The beach is very clean and completely safe thanks to the coast guards, beach workers and Tourist Police who are always there to help you. People will ask you to go to a safe zone if there's any bad weather. Cox's Bazaar beach is one of the leading locations for tourists and surfers worldwide.

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Cox's Bazar Sea Beach Couple's : https://youtu.be/3gT6zKCa42E
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach Hot & Beauty: https://youtu.be/m17MKvS4sVI
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach Life : https://youtu.be/oc_TxsqfcQk

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