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Title:Amos ‘n’ Andy (1951) | The Robbery/Sapphire’s Turkeys

Adapted to television, The Amos 'n Andy Show was produced from June 1951 to April 1953 with 52 filmed episodes, sponsored by the Blatz Brewing Company.[36] The television series used black actors in the main roles, although the actors were instructed to keep their voices and speech patterns close to those of Gosden and Correll.[50] Produced at the Hal Roach Studios for CBS, the show was among the first television series to be filmed with a multicamera setup, four months before I Love Lucy used the technique. The series' theme song was based on radio show's "The Perfect Song" but became Gaetano Braga's "Angel's Serenade", performed by The Jeff Alexander Chorus. The program debuted on June 28, 1951. This time, the NAACP mounted a formal protest almost as soon as the television version began, describing the show as "a gross libel of the Negro and distortion of the truth",[36] and that pressure was considered a primary factor in the show's cancellation, even though it finished at #13 in the 1951-1952 Nielsen ratings and at #25 in 1952-1953[57] Blatz was targeted as well, finally discontinuing its advertising support in June 1953.[58] It has been suggested that CBS erred in premiering the show at the same time as the 1951 NAACP national convention, perhaps increasing the objections to it.[59] The show was widely repeated in syndicated reruns until 1966 when, in an unprecedented action for network television at that time, CBS finally gave in to pressure from the NAACP and the growing civil rights movement and withdrew the program. It was also pulled from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's television network, which had been broadcasting it for almost a decade. The series would not be seen on American television regularly for 46 more years.[60][61] The television show has been available in bootleg VHS and DVD sets, which generally include up to 71 of the 78 known TV episodes. - Wikipedia ##### Reelblack's mission is to educate, elevate, entertain enlighten, and empower through Black film. If there is content shared on this platform that you feel infringes on your intellectual property, please email me at Reelblack@mail.com and info@reelblack.com with details and it will be promptly removed.


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