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Title:50 Reasons to ship EMISUE (1)

This video has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But enjoy nonetheless! Timecodes 0:00 EMILY Dickinson and SUE Gilbert (1) 0:07 Emily Dickinson wrote a little letter to Sue Gilbert 0:23 The lonely look on Emily's face when Sue goes off with Austin 0:52 "Okay promise me that you will always love me more than him" 1:36 The unexpected kiss in the rain 1:41 The love in her eyes 2:05 How Sue would let Emily see her in her wedding dress 2:16 She still wants to be in Sue's life even if she marries her brother 2:56 Emily would do anything to spend more time with Sue until the inevitable marriage 3:11 How silly they can be when they are together 4:13 Sue's concern for Emily 4:49 "I think I know what a volcano feels like" "you do?" 4:59 Someone noticed the love between them 5:36 They agree on the same things 5:55 How they joke to each other 7:00 The way they hold each others hands 7:12 While in Boston, she chose to read Emily's letters first 8:12 She has no reason for existing without Emily in her life 8:32 Emily was selfless enough to encourage Sue to accept Austin, since she knows he truly loves her too 9:01 They have deep conversations 9:59 "The only person that's ever made me feel that way before was you" 11:02 "You really are my favorite person in the world" 11:11 The disappointment in her face when she can't be with Emily 11:52 She loves her 12:03 Letters to Sue 12:23 Secret outdoor meetings 12:40 How she catches one last glimpse of the love of her life floating away REMEMBER TO FOLLOW ME (Instagram) www.instagram.com/superhaughtvids/ (twitter) twitter.com/superhaughtvids


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