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Title:[TAS] Punch-Out!! (Wii) - Full Game Speedrun [19:40.81]

------------------------- Overview: This is a tool assisted speedrun of Punch-Out!! for the Nintendo Wii (released 2009). The run is done in the Career mode, which sees Little Mac rise through the ranks in Contender, defend his champion status in Title Defence, and ending his career by taking 3 losses in the Mac's Last Stand gauntlet, all completed as fast as possible! All of the fights put together total 19:40.81 in-game time. In real time (RTA), the time is 1:00:18.20. (Note: This game is quite loud, and it was decided to use raw, unedited audio due to different audio setups. You may have to turn things down a smidge) ------------------------- TASers Thoughts: Awosomeandy (/channel/UCiDfCg0mrOnA1jKDMKwmDDA ): Just want to give a huge thanks to Mysteryman for offering any help in the first place, this TAS would not be here if it weren't for that. TASing this was way easier than Contender because I didn't have to think of a plan, I just had one to execute. Also was able to only have to TAS around three fights that I'd call super time consuming. (TD Macho, TD Bull, and TD Don). MM did the rest of the time consuming fights, so again huge thanks to him for taking on this project with me! Mysteryman95 (Frame By Frame Animation - www.twitch.tv/mysteryman9512 ): This is a project I thought I wouldn't see completed for another decade, so I have to commend Awosomeandy for stepping up and taking on a lot of the TAS work himself. My involvement wouldn't be possible without zallard1 and all of Pottoww's early runs, as well as McHazard for helping me out with strats in my early days of this game, so I have to thank them too. I hope you're able to enjoy this project as much as I did helping out with it! ------------------------- Credits: ------------------------- TASers: Awosomeandy: - All Contender Fights - TD Glass Joe - TD King Hippo - TD Piston Hondo - TD Bear Hugger - TD Great Tiger - TD Don Flamenco - TD Aran Ryan - TD Bald Bull - TD Super Macho Man - Last Stand Fight 1 (Von Kaiser Loss) - Last Stand Fight 3 (Mr Sandman Loss) Mysteryman95 (Frame By Frame Animation): - TD Von Kaiser - TD Disco Kid - TD Soda Popinski - TD Mr Sandman - Last Stand Fight 2 (Don Flamenco Loss) Strategies Developed by (not limited to): Awosomeandy Claris Epicjake72 (lambTuberXtream72) Jack Wedge JacobYoshi kamala245 Kefkamaydie Klar McHazard Mysteryman95 (Frame By Frame Animation) Nolan414 Pottoww Robbydude576 Zallard1 The 2009/2010 Community Contender Credits High Score: Zallard1 Editing: Awosomeandy Special Thanks: lee_a1x Universe The Entire Punch-Out!! Community! ------------------------- If you'd like a more in-depth explanation into these strategies, you can check out Awosomeandy's breakdown of the individual fights here: pastebin.com/v3WHnxUx If you'd like to learn some fights or the whole game yourself, the following guides explain how to execute both IL (Individual Level) and SS (Single Segment) strategies excellently: IL Guide (Written by Universe): docs.google.com/document/d/18BFC5O248GlmsmLFkk25eC… SS Guide (Written by Awosomeandy): docs.google.com/document/d/1rppYRozWxz3shMVRpp-azu… ------------------------- Thanks so much for watching! -------------------------


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