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Title:Primitive wild monsters caught ethnic girls into caves

Wild Life would like to send you a video of a fantasy entertaining short film by director Say Mun. Short film titled: Primitive wild monsters caught ethnic girls into caves
Below is a summary of the film's plot:
In the deep jungle in the primitive era monsters lived deep in the middle of the jungle. One day the king-like monster came out of the cave in search of food. in the forest there were many red ripe fruits. They had eaten a good meal. When he returned to his cave, King Kong Monster King Kong Monster saw an ethnic girl hovering outside the cave entrance. King kong-like monster thought: I've lived in a cave for a long time without anyone playing with. So the monster like King Kong forced the girl to drag her into the cave to play. But the girl struggled and escaped from the king's hand and ran away.
Above is the most basic summary. Wish you have fun and entertaining moments
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