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Title:Mario Odyssey but I always think the game is about to end (first time playing Mario Odyssey)

Let's play Super Mario Odyssey! I've wanted to play Super Mario Odyssey for years, and this was one of my most requested games to play! Luckily, I had the chance to finally play this Mario game :D So here's my first playthrough of Super Mario Odyssey! I tried to play through as much of the game as possible in a single day, and this video shows as far as we got :D I haven't watched any Super Mario Odyssey content, so it's a blind playthrough where I don't know what Cappy is or what happens in the game, or what Bowser does, or when the game ends, so you might have some nostalgic memories seeing someone play through Super Mario Odyssey for the first time and exploring all of the kingdoms! A little backstory: I just want to give a huge thank you to you for watching this video, it's because of you that I got to play this game and make this video. Super Mario Odyssey is a game that I've been wanting to play for years (just like Breath of the Wild and Minecraft and a bunch of other incredible games), and it's because my YouTube channel has been doing so well recently that I got to finally give this game a try! When I was in school, I was hyper-focused on school and that's all I would pay attention to, and I missed out on a lot in life including a lot of video games that were absolute gems. It's such a nice feeling of huge relief to finally get to play a game like this, it's such a nice experience to have some time for yourself to do what you want, and I'm really looking forward to making some videos about testing/ modding this game, Super Mario Odyssey was a blast :D Thank you so much for watching, and thank you so much for all of the support! You might also enjoy: I put Mario in jail in Bowser's Fury! - https://youtu.be/72anI6q3LSY I added more cats to Bowser's Fury - https://youtu.be/fTmeRcvz76s TIMESTAMPS: Intro/ explanation - 0:00 Leaving the Wooded Kingdom - 0:35 Heading to the Metro Kingdom - 1:09 Bowser cutscene - 1:59 Cloud Kingdom - 2:13 Bowser Boss fight - 3:20 Cutscene after Mario defeats Bowser - 5:38 Lost Kingdom - 6:17 Cappy gets stolen by Klepto - 7:50 Accordian catepillar capture - 10:20 Making a jump in a very silly way - 13:23 Trying to reach the far island - 16:55 Power moons at the top of the Lost Kingdom - 19:50 Repairing the Odyssey - 20:50 Metro Kingdom - 21:32 Real humans in a Mario game - 24:30 Climbing up to New Donk City Hall - 26:00 Inside New Donk City Hall - 27:42 Climbing up to the top of City Hall - 29:30 Metro Kingdom boss fight centipede - 30:09 Daytime in Metro Kingdom + Mayor Pauline - 32:24 Real humans in Mario + finding musicians for Mayor Pauline - 33:00 Trying to capture people + finding musicians in the Metro Kingdom - 35:50 Rocket area Metro Kingdom - 37:40 Finding the bassist - 41:30 Going to the power plant - 45:02 Mayor Pauline in the sewer + piranha plant boss fight - 47:48 The Mario festival in the Metro Kingdom (Pauline singing) - 49:31 Going to the Snow Kingdom - 52:59 Shiveria Town - 54:35 Broodal boss fight in Snow Kingdom - 57:30 Getting ready for the race - 1:03:00 Snow Kingdom race - 1:05:00 Seaside Kingdom - 1:09:50 Seaside Kingdom octopus boss fight - 1:17:45 Going to the Luncheon Kingdom - 1:22:50 Broodal boss fight in Luncheon Kingdom - 1:25:10 Heading to the big bird boss/ side power moons in Luncheon Kingdom - 1:30:55 Slab of meat Mario capture + bird boss - 1:33:35 Bird boss fight in Luncheon Kingdom - 1:40:53 Can't tell if something is an intended strategy or shortcut - 1:44:10 Heading to the Bowser Kingdom - 1:45:39 Bowser + Dragon cutscene - 1:47:00 Ruined Kingdom - 1:48:00 Dragon boss fight - 1:49:30 Bowser Kingdom - 1:54:00 Pokey bird Mario capture - 1:55:00 Next area of Bowser's Kingdom - 1:57:50 First Broodal Boss fight at the Bowser Kingdom - 2:03:40 Second Broodal Boss fight at the Bowser Kingdom - 2:06:25 Is it really the final Bowser boss fight? - 2:12:00 Going to the Moon Kingdom - 2:17:42 At the Moon Kingdom - 2:19:17 Underground Moon Caverns - 2:20:55 Chargin' Chuck capture - 2:26:10 Broodal Lady + gold chain chomp Chain Chompikins boss fight - 2:27:25 Mario enters the Moon Chapel/ Peach + Bowser wedding - 2:30:10 Final Bowser boss fight - 2:31:15 Princess Peach cutscene - 2:34:35 Mario captures Bowser - 2:35:25 2D Bowser + Peach - 2:37:00 Electric Bowser and Peach and final cutscenes - 2:39:50 Credits + thoughts on Super Mario Odyssey - 2:42:10 Mushroom Kingdom + post-game content plans - 2:44:35 #MarioOdyssey #SuperMarioOdyssey #Mario You're welcome to drop by my livestreams! www.twitch.tv/zxmany Make sure to click subscribe to be notified of new videos if you enjoyed this!! /channel/UCfVPkqHdqDon3OfKn6Qm1kA ==== MY LINKS Twitch - www.twitch.tv/zxmany Twitter - twitter.com/zx_many Discord - discord.com/invite/MeAGTUZ Patreon (thank you!) - www.patreon.com/ZXMany


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