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Title:【ENG SUB】《夜色暗涌时 Love At Night》第1集 许倾悠婚前被前男友劈腿【芒果TV青春剧场】

Download Mango TV APP bit.ly/2U0ML7S now to watch ahead of time for more hit contents,and wonderful dubbing and multi-subtitles.PC users can watch on Mango TV's website → bit.ly/3gFnJmm Join the channel member: bit.ly/MGTVDramaVIP "夜色暗涌时" will update 2 episodes every Wednesday to Friday at 8pm (GTM+8), members can watch in advance! " 夜色暗涌时 Love At Night" Member Exclusive Edition: bit.ly/3kgb7oj " 夜色暗涌时 Love At Night" full Episode: bit.ly/3kgI4kQ " 夜色暗涌时 Love At Night" Highlight Clips/Clips : bit.ly/3EZeRTm " 夜色暗涌时 Love At Night" Behind the Scenes/Preview : bit.ly/3CY592X Synopsis: As the night has fallen and the bustling offices have gone quiet, Xu Qing You and Mo Ling Ze first meet due to a misunderstanding. White-collar worker Xu Qing You spends all year round working so much that it's always evening by the time she packs up to go home. She has been in a long-term relationship with Fan Yun Xi for ten years and was preparing for her wedding when she finds out that he cheated on her. Fan Yun Xi explains it was an accident yet Xu Qing You resolutely asks to break up. At this time, Xu Qing You encounters Mo Ling Ze and they immediately start off on the wrong foot. Thinking that they'd never meet again, their paths cross when Mo Ling Ze takes over the business operations at the firm where Xu Qing You is an employee. Because of work, Xu Qing You can no longer avoid Mo Lingze whereas he becomes amused by her reaction. On one hand, Mo Ling Ze is headstrong yet shows just the right amount of concern for Xu Qing You. On the other hand, Fan Yun Xi is desperately trying to win her back. Coming to realize what she wants for herself, Xu Qing You decides to start her life anew. ★Hot Reality Shows★ "Call Me By Fire 披荆斩棘的哥哥" Full Version: bit.ly/3sc8jLR "Boyhood哥哥的少年时代" Full Version: bit.ly/388vHkh "Time Concert 时光音乐会" Full Version: bit.ly/30nMO0J  "Meeting Mr. Right S4 女儿们的恋爱4" Full Version: bit.ly/2TPqR7U  "See You Again 再见爱人" Full Version: bit.ly/3xfkfO0 "A Store of Hope 云上的小店" Full Version: bit.ly/2ZmVgNT  "Salute You 向你致敬" Full Version: bit.ly/3BN1eoU "Motor Caravan 欢唱大篷车" Full Version: bit.ly/3v7SNlx "See You Again 再次见到你" Full Version: bit.ly/3vrpDyh "My Beautiful Hometown 我的家乡好美" Full Version: bit.ly/3nA2tSG "Design Ideal Future设计理想家" Full Version: bit.ly/2Zd4pYx   "Teens Party in Summer 夏日少年派" Full Version: bit.ly/2TeU8ss "The Irresistible S2 牛气满满的哥哥" Full Version: bit.ly/36ltTDs  "Happy Camp 快乐大本营" Full Version: bit.ly/2s0q3vm "Day Day Up 2021 天天向上2021" Full Version: bit.ly/3t70DK7   ★ Popular Dramas ★ "The Twelfth Second 第十二秒" Full Episode: bit.ly/3n1f54Z "Live Your Life 好好生活" Full Episode: bit.ly/3iVKjsY "Master,Wait a Moment双面神探" Full Episode: bit.ly/3zQ4Qpd "My Dear Brothers 亲爱的吾兄" Full Episode: bit.ly/3E4viy0 "The Priceless 婆婆的镯子" Full Episode: bit.ly/3t2Pv1T "Good and Evil 百灵潭" Full Episode: bit.ly/3AUGk6I  "Our Secret 暗格里的秘密" Full Episode: bit.ly/3AyN7mp "Unforgettable Love 贺先生的恋恋不忘" Full Episode: reurl.cc/Q9mK8b  "Stop! Miss Hua 站住,花小姐" Full Episode: reurl.cc/Akaejp  "Silent Evidence 法医秦明之无声的证词" Full Episode: reurl.cc/mL7nZ1 "Love is Beautiful 对你的爱很美" Full Episode: bit.ly/3hAGVU1 "Remembrance of Things Past 我在他乡挺好的" Full Episode: bit.ly/3Bn1RpC   [Welcome To Subscribe To Other Official Channels] China HunanTV Official Channel: bit.ly/MGTV_official Who's the Murderer Official Channel: bit.ly/MXDZT_official MangoTV Drama Channel: bit.ly/MGDTV_official MangoTV Variety Channel: bit.ly/MGTVVariety MangoTV Drama English: bit.ly/MGTVDramaEnglish MangoTV Sparkle Channel: bit.ly/MGTVSparkle MangoTV Music Channel: bit.ly/MGMTV_official MangoTV Idol Channel: bit.ly/MGTVIdol MangoTV Fans Channel: bit.ly/MGTVFans MangoTV Documentary Channel: bit.ly/MGTVDocumentary_official MangoTV Vietnam: bit.ly/MGTVVietnam MangoTV Thailand: bit.ly/MGTVThailand MangoTV Indonesia: bit.ly/MGTVIndonesia MangoTV Arabic: bit.ly/MGTVArabic MangoTV US: bit.ly/MGTV_US   ★Welcome to go to our social network page for more official information★ China HunanTV Official Facebook: www.facebook.com/hntvchina China HunanTV Official Twitter: twitter.com/HUNANTVCHINA China HunanTV Official Instagram: www.instagram.com/mgtv Chapter 02:25 The opening 34:17 Ending song #夜色暗涌时 #张予曦刘学义 #LoveAtNight


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